The Ipanema Beach Boardwalk is a symbol of Rio, considered one of the greatest representatives of Rio in Brazil and the world. His drawing can be seen in magazines, films and advertisements. It is also present in songs and poems and is visited every day by thousands of people. It’s really extraordinary.

No matter the day, the month, or the season, the “Calçadão” (Boardwalk) is always full of people strolling along its beautiful Portuguese stones. It is located between Ipanema Beach, one of the most famous and beautiful beaches, and the busy Avenida Vieira Souto.

On the Boardwalk, many activities can be done, especially sports. But it only became what it is today because of the young people of the 70s, who made it more than a simple Boardwalk: but a meeting point to talk about life, have a beer or simply enjoy the day.

This is how the Ipanema Boardwalk began to attract many tourists who yearn to meet their favorite celebrity, their beloved singer or a famous athlete, who use the place as a place for exercise or fun.

The Ipanema Beach Boardwalk is one of the best known in Brazil and the world and its image in photos or videos is greatly admired by everyone, as it is a work of art, even more so with the entire landscape around it. It’s really stunning.

Anyone who walks along the Ipanema Beach Boardwalk can appreciate the best of the region. The place is truly soothing for the eyes of its visitors, who find a wide variety of leisure options and a strong cultural diversity.

Ipanema Boardwalk

The Ipanema Beach Boardwalk has three famous Posts along its length, several kiosks and even Houses of Culture. Each Post has its own particular characteristics and covers a specific group of people. Anyone who wants to walk, walk the dog, ride a bike, run, eat, date or talk about life sees the Calçadão as an excellent alternative. And while you do all this you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the world and a sunset like few others.

Ipanema Beach, located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, is located between Arpoador and Jardim de Alah. It is one of the most famous beaches, not only in Brazil, but in the world and is always busy. In total, the beach is 2.6 km long. Furthermore, Ipanema Beach is where tourists and locals take the opportunity to exercise, sunbathe or go for a swim. It’s an excellent place to enjoy life and have fun.

Ipanema Boardwalk: Rio de Janeiro

Cariocas in Ipanema have the habit of applauding the sunset. This custom was launched by journalist Carlos Leonam, who one afternoon at the lifeguard station 9 (or “Posto 9“), in the summer of 68/69, with other famous friends, such as Glauber Rocha, João Saldanha and Jô Soares, among others, while watching the sunset, said:

“This afternoon deserves a round of applause!”

And ready. Immediately they were on their feet and applauding the beauty of nature. Then, publicist Roberto Duallibi, from Agência DPZ, recreated this iconic scene and immortalized it in a suntan lotion commercial for TV.

Another tradition in Rio is the existence of Carnival blocks. The most famous is “Simpatia É Qualidade Amor”, created in 1985, and the Banda de Ipanema, both honored on the Ipanema subway. But not only that. The neighborhood also has important Cultural Spaces, such as the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, the Ipanema Cinema Station and the Ipanema Theater. Options for all tastes and of a very high standard.

It’s not news to anyone that Ipanema is a neighborhood that attracts tourists from all over the world, not only because of the beauty of its beach, but also because of its history. Several spots in Ipanema are marked by personalities, such as Bar Garota de Ipanema, which was frequented by Vinícius de Moraes, and was the place where the song of the same name was created.

Ipanema Beach: Ipanema Boardwalk

It’s no secret that the beauty and charm of Ipanema Beach were and are sung in songs, mentioned in poems and texts. There were many artists who were inspired by the wonders present there to write.

The main example of this is Girl from Ipanema, a Bossa Nova classic, which needs no introduction, was written by the geniuses Vinícius de Moraes and Tom Jobim. Posto 9 is considered the main meeting point for young people and is very popular with celebrities.

Lifeguard station 9 Ipanema Beach

The beach is also often used for sports such as football, surfing, racquetball, footvolley (in addition to being the stage for its main competitions) and skiboarding.

And the activities are not just limited to the day. During the night the excitement is the same or even greater, especially at Boteco Belmonte and the bar options in Ipanema. After all, there are many open-air shows for all audiences, from concerts featuring classical music to performances by today’s famous artists.

All Brazilians, even if they haven’t been to Ipanema Beach, have certainly heard about this place so sought after by tourists and the locals themselves.

Ipanema Boardwalk: history

Ipanema was founded in 1894 and is one of the most noble and renowned neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. But it was years later, more precisely in the 60s, that the boardwalk we know today took shape.

Currently, the neighborhood is considered residential, upper middle class, with a large presence of bars and cultural spaces. The Ipanema Beach Boardwalk has a very beautiful history, as it was developed in the 1960s with Portuguese stones by the landscaper and architect Renato Primavera Marinho.

Ipanema Boardwalk Design

Previously we said that the boardwalk as we know it was built in the 60s. Architect and landscaper Renato Primavera Marinho created this beautiful project in celebration of the fourth centenary of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Design Ipanema Beach Boardwalk Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The design is exuberant, very well appreciated and used in various applications, from artistic versions of the work to prints. Portuguese stones have become a symbol of Rio de Janeiro, whether in Ipanema, Copacabana, Leblon, Barra or Recreio. All sidewalks are made with this material, the only thing that changes is the design. In the case of Barra, for example, the design is of fish and not waves.

Today, Rio has more than 1,200 million square meters of Portuguese stone paving. The care is so great that the City Hall even has a team of pavers, who are responsible for recovering and fixing the stones.

This team is made up of 40 professionals who participated in a course run by Portuguese professionals. Services on the Ipanema waterfront include repairs and replacement of worn stones and are carried out regularly.

What to do in Ipanema Rio de Janeiro

Even though it is a trendy neighborhood, it also brings peace to its residents. And it’s not just for the beautiful beach that it’s known for. The Pedra do Arpoador peninsula is a popular spot for surfers, which also offers trails and beautiful views of the sunset.

Towards the center, the streets are heavily tree-lined, providing direct contact with nature. Furthermore, in Ipanema there is no shortage of exquisite shops, restaurants in Ipanema and relaxed bars where, of course, in addition to various other rhythms, you can mainly hear bossa nova.

And, speaking of the wide range of sophisticated bars and restaurants in Ipanema, some of them are internationally awarded, such as Gero Ipanema, and are considered one of the great highlights of Rio’s gastronomy. Overlooking the sea, the Galani Restaurant, located at the Sofitel Ipanema hotel, has a menu with very well prepared dishes and a breathtaking panoramic view.

Ipanema Beach The most beautiful beaches to live next to Rio de Janeiro Brazil RJ

Another renowned restaurant is the refined Espaço 7zero6, which is open to the public and provides a wonderful meal in one of the most spectacular views of Ipanema Beach. The restaurant is located on the terrace of the Praia Ipanema Hotel and is open to both guests and day-use visitors.

Come live in Ipanema

As if everything Ipanema offers wasn’t enough, those who decide to live in the neighborhood are still close to the beach; There’s nothing like living close to the sea and having that beachy, peaceful atmosphere in your life.

In addition to all this calm, the neighborhood provides direct contact with nature, something more than necessary for those who want to recharge their energy after a stressful day at work.

With complete infrastructure, as you can see, Ipanema is one of the favorite neighborhoods for those looking for upscale neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro to live. Find out more about properties in Ipanema by accessing the Invexo Imobiliária website, a specialist in luxury properties in Rio, always acting exclusively.

The neighborhood is also known for being very safe and this is certainly one of the biggest attractions for anyone looking to invest in a residential property. After all, protection and security are two of the main requirements when buying a property.

And the best part: in Ipanema properties are for all types of people, whether they are alone, couples or families, there is no shortage of options. The neighborhood is the right choice for those who don’t accept anything less than the best.