If you’re looking for bars in Copacabana, you’ll have no shortage of excellent options. After all, the neighborhood is known for being Rio’s bohemian stronghold. There are several bar options that offer different proposals, from decoration to food and drink menus.

Copacabana bar menus offer the best of bar cuisine, such as snacks, pastries, portions, desserts and much more. When it comes to drinks, you can find wines, beers, drinks and the famous cold draft beer.

Copacabana’s bars are located on some of the most renowned streets in the neighborhood, and provide easy access for both those who use public transport and those who prefer private transport.

In addition to having several quality bars, Copacabana also has a beautiful infrastructure, full of luxury establishments and properties.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the Copacabana neighborhood could not be left out. If you are looking to live with sophistication in the Marvelous City, count on INVEXO, the real estate agency specializing in luxury properties in Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro.

Boteco da Garrafa

Boteco de Garrafa Copacabana is a relaxed place that offers its customers more than 30 types of beer, snacks and grilled meats.

Its atmosphere features traditional images of the Marvelous City, and its cozy and spacious space is the destination for those who want to enjoy a program with friends or family.

Service is provided by a friendly team that always seeks to offer the best possible service to customers. Snacks are an excellent option to start the day or night of fun, and can be accompanied by a nice drink.

Its drinks menu features varied and sophisticated options, such as traditional caipirinhas, sangrias, gin and tonics, among others. To brighten up the night for the locals, Boteco de Garrafa has a musical program with live shows every day.

Address: Rua Bolívar, 27, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
Opening hours: Every day, from 11:30 am to 00:30 am.

Pavão Azul Copacabana

Pavão Azul Copacabana is a bohemian bar known for serving some of the best snacks in the neighborhood for over 50 years. Its intimate atmosphere and small tables located on the sidewalk bring that typical Rio social atmosphere.

The bar’s menu is extensive and has several categories, such as classics, dishes of the day, meals, snacks, cupcakes, portions and much more. Some of the most requested dishes on the Pavão Azul Copacabana menu are:

  • Bife Acebolado: succulent steak with fries, rice, beans and lettuce and tomato salad;
  • Sole Fillet: delicious sole fillet in shrimp sauce with fries, rice and lettuce and tomato salad;
  • Beef Stroganoff: tasty dish accompanied by rice, French fries, tomato and lettuce;
  • Cod or Shrimp Frittata: frittata accompanied by fries, rice, beans and lettuce and tomato salad.

To accompany the dishes, you can order some of the soft drinks served by the house.

Address: Rua Hilário de Gouvêia, 71, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
Opening hours: Every day, from 12pm to midnight.


Boteco Belmonte is one of the most famous bars located in Copacabana, known for its cold draft beer and extremely delicious starters. Its decor features armchairs and tables that mix modernity with rusticity, combining perfectly with the plants that brighten the place.

Bars in Copacabana RJ

Belmonte Copacabana’s menu is a show in itself, with options of pies, pastries, dumplings, snacks, sandwiches, soups, garnishes, and much more! In addition to these delicious dishes, Belmonte Ipanema has a huge selection of meats, such as the following:

  • Brazilian Picanha: grilled with rice, beans, French fries, country-style sauce and egg farofa with ham and olives;
  • Medallion à Piamontese: delicious grilled, served with Madeira sauce and accompanied by Piamontese rice and Portuguese potatoes;
  • Filet à Oswaldo Aranha: grilled and covered with fried garlic, served with rice, Portuguese potatoes and egg farofa.

To make life easier for those who visit the place during lunch time, Belmonte has created a top-notch executive menu, with the following options:

  • Shrimp Bobó;
  • Grilled Gold;
  • Filet Mignon Escalope;
  • Banana Moqueca da Terra;
  • Heart of Palm Risotto with Brie and Peas;
  • Dry Meat Risotto with Grilled Banana;
  • Between others.

The establishment also has majestic service and a bar that offers the best drinks in the region.

Address: Rua Domingos Ferreira, 242, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
Opening hours: Every day, from 11:30 am to 2 am.

The immortals

Os Imortais Copacabana is known for being a modern bar that offers imported beers and draft beers. Its environment is comfortable and has a TV that is the main star on a football night.

The restaurant’s menu has several excellent options, such as the popular pastel, available in the following flavors:

  • Pepperoni;
  • Creamy Cheese Chicken;
  • Cheese with Onion;
  • Beef with Blue Cheese;
  • Shrimp with Cream Cheese;
  • Gorgonzola with pepperoni;
  • Chocolate with strawberry;
  • And much more.

In addition to pastries, at Os Imortais you can also find some of the best snacks in the city, such as:

  • Mar de Polvo: octopus in vinaigrette with plenty of olive oil accompanied by a basket of bread;
  • Visconde de Sabugosa: 3 cheese balls with corn with a spicy touch;
  • Maguila Octopus: tasty grilled octopus with onion and pepperoni potatoes in the punch of boxer Maguila;
  • Larica: monstrous portion of fried potatoes with barbecue, paprika, cheese, ground meat, crispy onion and pepperoni.

Address: Rua Ronald de Carvalho, 147, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 6pm to 1am, and on Saturdays and Sundays, from 12pm to 1am.

Skol Copacabana Beach

Praia Skol Copacabana is a casual bar that serves cocktails and snacks in an open space with tables facing Copacabana Beach. Its menu has several options of chicken, meat, seafood, pasta, sandwiches, pastries, desserts and much more.

Furthermore, at Praia Skol Copacabana it is still possible to find several dishes prepared on the grill, such as:

  • Provençal Seafood;
  • Grilled steak;
  • Filet Mignon with Cheese and Fries;
  • Trio Mineiro;
  • Sticks on the Griddle;
  • Dry Meat with Curd Cheese and Cassava;
  • Between others.

Address: Avenida Atlântica, Kiosque 27 and 28, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
Opening hours: From Sunday to Wednesday, from 9am to 2am, and from Thursday to Saturday, from 9am to 4am.

Adam’s Bar Copacabana

Bar do Adão is one of the most famous bars in Copacabana, known for its top-notch snacks and high-quality drinks. Its menu has several well-designed categories, such as pastries, snacks, escondidinhos, executives, feijoadas, meals, salads and desserts.

The establishment’s big star is the pastry. Its unique recipe provides its tasters with an unparalleled gastronomic experience. The main flavors of pastries available on the menu at Bar do Adão Copacabana are:

  • Catupiry;
  • Prato Cheese;
  • Meat;
  • Chicken;
  • Shrimp;
  • Neapolitan;
  • Caprese;
  • From Gods;
  • 4 cheeses;
  • Provolone with Onion;
  • And much more.

In addition to savory pastries, Bar do Adão Copacabana has incredible sweet flavors, such as banana with cinnamon, chocolate, waltz dream, nutella, chocolate with strawberry, among others.

As for dessert, you can try the wonderful Petit Gateau accompanied by a generous scoop of cream ice cream, or the Sputnik, a tasty chocolate pastry with cream ice cream.

Address: Rua Duvivier, 101, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
Opening hours: Every day, from 11am to 11:30pm.

Bip Bip Bar

Bip Bip Bar in Copacabana is known for having a casual and modern style. There, you can often find famous musicians playing choro, samba and bossa nova classics.

In this way, the place has become a meeting point for lovers of Rio music who want to enjoy moments of relaxation together.

Bars in Copacabana RJ

Despite not serving food, Bip Bip Bar Copacabana’s menu has several incredible drinks that make the night fun for customers.

Address: Rua Almirante Gonçalves, 50, Loja D, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday, from 8pm to 1am, and on Sundays, from 7pm to 1am.

Luxury properties in Copacabana

Copacabana is one of the most upscale neighborhoods in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, full of stunning tourist attractions, renowned establishments and essential services for everyday life.

In addition to integrating natural beauty and important tourist attractions, the neighborhood also stands out for its urban infrastructure, mobility, excellent commerce and a wide educational, medical and quality of life network.

Copacabana is still a reference when it comes to luxury properties. There are several options of apartments and penthouses that bring together everything families need to live well and in absolute comfort, in a privileged, safe and stunning location.

The properties are located in strategic points, which have easy access roads, metro stations and bus stops for those who use public transport.

Furthermore, Copacabana’s residential properties are located in condominiums that offer leisure activities, security and monitoring systems, common areas, parking lots, and much more.

Copacabana, located in Rio’s South Zone, is one of the best and most upscale neighborhoods to live in Rio de Janeiro. Discover luxury properties in Copacabana today with INVEXO, a real estate agency specializing in luxury properties in Rio de Janeiro.