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Ipanema is a trendy, traditional, famous and popular neighborhood, represented in MPB songs, cinematographic productions, soap operas and Brazilian series. The neighborhood is beautiful, charming, attracts all types of audiences and has fantastic views. The region is ideal for those who value quality of life, nature, sunbathing on the beach and outdoor sports. There are amazing luxury and sophisticated apartments with incredible sea, mountain views.

Ipanema real estate for sale

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With several sophisticated restaurants, bars, cultural attractions, trails, wooded areas, boutiques, shopping centers and service and commerce networks, Ipanema is a unique neighborhood. The region is noble and of high standard and has easy access to Leblon and Copacabana. The neighborhood is sophisticated, has a vibrant nightlife and is in one of the best locations in Rio de Janeiro. Immortalized for its bohemian aspect, the neighborhood is the birthplace of Bossa Nova, has beautiful settings, such as the famous Ipanema Beach, which served as the inspiration for the composition of the song Garota de Ipanema, by Vinícius de Morais. Posto Nove and Pedra do Arpoador are also stunning scenery in Ipanema.

ipanema rio real estate

Garcia D’Ávila, Maria Quitéria and Visconde de Pirajá streets concentrate most of the stores and commercial establishments in the region, with several designer brands. The neighborhood also has great supermarkets, fairs, subway station, taxi ranks, bus lines, among other items of infrastructure and convenience.

The neighborhood has excellent mobility infrastructure, great schools, diversified medical services, several companies and charming shopping centers.

ipanema real estate
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ipanema rio de janeiro real estate

Ipanema has several real estate launches. The developments are modern and sophisticated and are located in the most cozy neighborhood in Rio. All projects have leisure and 24-hour security items and have contemporary architectural profiles full of sustainability and technology items.

They are properties with concierge, surveillance system, electric car and electric bike socket, incredible plants, large footage, presence sensor, LED lights, thermal and acoustic comfort, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, very stylish and exclusive.

Other differentials of the apartments in Ipanema are: gourmet room, master suite, terrace, pure luxury and very high standard, swimming pools, lounge, automation, bicycle storage, among other leisure items. Apartments are great for families, couples and single people looking to invest in a high-end property.

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