Apartments for sale in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

Leblon is one of the safests neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, in special for tourists. It’s located in the South Zone and has the most valuable square meter in the city, being considered the most upscale neighborhood in Rio. Real estate appreciation is intense in the region, which combines charm and tradition in a unique way and concentrates an excellent gastronomic hub, luxury brand stores, high quality services and incomparable natural beauty. We have amazing properties for sale in Rio.

Apartments in Leblon for sale

Leblon apartments for sale

Leblon is the most charming neighborhood in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, synonymous with refinement, elegance and high quality of life. Living in an apartment in Leblon is an incomparable experience! The neighborhood has one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, several green areas and an enviable infrastructure! One advantages of living in Leblon is to everyday enjoy a wonderful ocean view, enjoy the best equipped leisure, shopping and premium services. How about enjoying the best that Leblon has to offer? Anyone interested in buying an apartment in Leblon can expect a series of positive points in the region. From the wonderful nature to the bustling nightlife, this corner of the South Zone pleases people of any age, with the most different profiles.

Top apartments for sale in Rio de Janeiro Leblon

Leblon has many activities and leisure options available: beach, boardwalk, parks, museums and theaters, for example, are good choices for those who want to enjoy the region. In addition, contact with nature is an ever-present element and must also be considered. Thanks to the movement of the neighborhood, whether by residents or just passing through, Leblon has many different attractions to delight anyone.

Therefore, living in Leblon is the certainty of being able to enjoy all that life has to offer, with safety and comfort.

Restaurants in Leblon: Another strong point of Leblon is the gastronomy, with several restaurants and bars available. You can find a wide variety of establishments, with many styles and specialties, for all tastes. Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean cuisine, French cuisine, cafes, bistros and much more: from breakfast to dinner, Leblon has establishments that serve delicious menus at any time of day. And for those who prefer to enjoy the nightlife in the neighborhood, you will hardly be bored. Rua Dias Ferreira is an example of a gastronomic hub with bars of the most varied types, to enjoy a happy hour and fun times with friends.

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Leblon mobility and accessibility

Buses, subways, taxis and app drivers are available around the clock, offering multiple ways to access other regions without major difficulties. Antero de Quental subway station and Jardim de Alah station provide access to neighboring neighborhoods and other locations in Rio, such as Gávea, Barra da Tijuca, Lagoa and dear Ipanema. It is possible to quickly move to other regions of Rio and enjoy the best of each one. Thus, getting to know other tourist attractions in the city will not be a big problem.

In addition, the cycling network allows an even more agile movement for those who choose to bike, taking into account that the coast of the South Zone has a very extensive bike path.

Living in an apartment for sale in Leblon

The best neighborhood in Rio did not receive the title for nothing. With an impeccable structure, a popular environment, wonderful beaches and all the leisure options that the region offers, it is almost impossible not to fall in love with Leblon. It is an almost impossible task to list all the benefits of this amazing region. Discover the apartments in Leblon by INVEXO, a luxury real estate company in Rio de Janeiro, and find the perfect property to live in the South Zone!

Apartments: 2, 3, 4, 5 bedrooms for sale in Leblon

For those looking for a nice square meter apartment in Leblon, check the prices of our apartments! We present a complete content made especially for you. Strategic location, we have top apartments in Leblon for sale.

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    How much does an apartment in Leblon cost?

    If you want to know how much an apartment in Leblon costs, access the content of INVEXO, a real estate company specializing in luxury real estate in Rio de Janeiro.

    Is it safe to live in Leblon?

    It is safe to live in Leblon, because in addition to perimeter surveillance, most residential areas have effective security projects, using biometrics, password access, internal circuitry and other technological resources.