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Living in Rio de Janeiro is the dream of many Brazilians and, of course, of many people who come from outside Brazil to get closer to nature and all the Carioca culture. Rio is definitely a special place in our country, a big city, with everything you need to enjoy a happier, more active and healthier life. Therefore, there is a great demand for apartments in Praia de São Conrado, a noble and special address in the south zone.

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Near Praia de São Conrado there are luxury properties. Those who invest in apartments in this area have the excellent potential for appreciation of the acquired property, as well as the privilege of living in this wonderful region of Rio de Janeiro, with exuberant nature and a beautiful beach.

The truth is that anyone who wants to live near Praia de São Conrado, in Rio de Janeiro, should take the opportunity to get to know the properties available for negotiation. The neighborhood is synonymous with quality of life, as it stands out as one of the quietest in Rio de Janeiro, full of convenience services, leisure and sports areas, preserved nature and shops.

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In the retail infrastructure, for example, a highlight is the sophisticated Fashion Mall, a charming mall that has restaurants, theater, cinema, shops and other attractions. In terms of leisure, Praia de São Conrado is perfect for you to have greater contact with nature, do physical activity, relax, drink coconut water and feel all the tranquility of living in a good apartment in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

The Country Club and Gávea Golf are also great options for leisure and relaxation. In addition to having an excellent golf course, the places promote a series of interesting attractions for you to have even more leisure.

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Finally, the São Conrado neighborhood also has great restaurants, designer stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, a beauty salon, doctors, hang gliding flights and everything you need.

When you can find an apartment in São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro, it is definitely of a high standard, with more than 200 m² in general. They are units with panoramic views, excellent location and smart layout.

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The properties in Praia de São Conrado usually have, on average, 3 to 4 bedrooms, all with a suite. There are also about 3 parking spaces, air conditioning in all rooms for greater comfort for residents and quality finishing in every detail, such as the use of Travertine Marble.

The view of the sea is one of the greatest pleasures of those who have an apartment facing São Conrado Beach. You can feel the sea breeze on the balcony.

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