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Luxury apartments in Leblon RJ are among the most valued square meters in the real estate market. This is due to the fact that Leblon is a very emblematic neighborhood, where it is possible to come across the rich and famous of Rio — after all, this is where scenes from several soap operas are recorded. Advantages of living in Leblon go far beyond that. Residents of this region have access to sensational urban infrastructure, with a wide range of taxis and app cars.

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The neighborhood is also home to the Antero de Quental and Jardim de Alah subway stations, which serve lines 1 and 4. In addition, Leblon also has regular buses and stops on the main avenues in the South Zone. For people who prefer a more sustainable commute, Leblon is also satisfying. This region has great bike paths and well-paved and lit streets. In fact, one of the most famous spots in this region is the Tim Maia Cycle Path, where cyclists can ride along the seaside.

 The advantages of acquiring a property in this region start with its perfect location. It is ideal for those who value quality of life, practicality and comfort, because Leblon is a quiet neighborhood with lots of trees, surrounded by green areas. In addition, the best bars, restaurants, shops and other essential services for living well are located in the neighborhood.

Leblon beach, for example, is located to the south of this region and has a multitude of activities that provide well-being to visitors. To the north of the neighborhood, you can find one of the favorite spots for cariocas: Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, where people usually practice stand up paddle and several other sports. As it is a very eclectic neighborhood, home to singers and ministers of the STJ, the entertainment options aimed at lovers of culture and art cannot be left out. In Leblon it is possible to find many theaters, cinemas, art galleries, bookstores and various cultural centers that promote a diversity of thoughts without losing refinement.

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Surrounded by several leisure spaces and commercial establishments, Leblon has the most luxurious residential properties in Rio. Discover the luxury properties in Leblon with a high standard finish, privileged location and condominiums with complete leisure.

There are several luxury apartments in Leblon RJ for sale, with contemporary designs, spacious and sophisticated environments, created by today’s most sought-after architects. In addition, they have different typologies to meet the most varied profiles. The properties have large films and, as a rule, have modern architecture, 24-hour security and monitoring with the most modern technologies, in addition to facades with a beautiful design. Some units have large balconies and impeccable landscaping, which further enhances the buildings.

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The vast majority of luxury apartments in Leblon offer a parking space, ensuring even greater competition for properties. Therefore, when there is an offer of units with this characteristic, they are quickly sold.

For large families or even elderly people and children, Leblon also offers apartments with a complete leisure area. This type of unit is also considered a rarity. That’s because there are few condominiums that have a pool, kids’ area, sauna, gourmet space, gym and other amenities.

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Buying real estate in Leblon is synonymous with lifestyle and quality of life. The region is constantly growing and is accessible to a restricted audience, being a select and quite exclusive neighborhood.

Our luxury apartments in Leblon offer alternatives to please different profiles of residents — from single life people, to complete families and even those who are just looking to enjoy the tranquility of the neighborhood.

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    The luxury apartments in Leblon have several types, with generous plants, spacious environments and high standard finishing.

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