Apartments for sale in Sao Conrado, Rio de Janeiro

Anyone who wants to find the perfect property to live in São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro, can count on Invexo’s expertise to make a good deal. The region of São Conrado is unique, with a peculiar charm and an infrastructure that has been attracting many people interested in living in a place that is valued every day and that offers Morro Dois Irmãos and Pedra da Gávea as a scenario to enjoy daily.

Apartments in Sao Conrado for sale

Sao Conrado apartments for sale

It is a quiet neighborhood, with the beautiful Praia de São Conrado at your disposal, a great place to go for walks during the day, to practice sports and to relax or ride a bike along the two kilometers of bike path that accompany the beach. São Conrado is a neighborhood that has been considered as having one of the most valued edges of the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is a beautiful location and is home to São Conrado Fashion Mall, the most charming and famous open mall in the city, located on Estrada da Gávea.

Top apartments for sale in Rio de Janeiro Sao Conrado

The neighborhood also has several restaurants, shops, service chains and banks. It is a modern and quieter region to live in, with few visitors to its beach during weekdays, which offers residents much more exclusivity in occupying the urban space to have fun and relax.
São Conrado neighborhood is taken over by luxury apartments and condominiums, overlooking the beach and Pedra da Gávea. The boardwalk is always a few meters away from the resident who likes to drink coconut water or juice at the many kiosks along the waterfront. Sunbathing, running and hiking are also activities loved by those who live in the region. Being able to admire the hang gliding landings at Praia de São Conrado is also an attraction of the neighborhood.

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São Conrado have the most beautiful ocean view apartments

The apartments available for sale in São Conrado are of high standard, with spacious environments, refined finishes, a lot of luxury and plenty of space to enjoy the best of life. These are apartments and penthouses present in condominiums that are mainly on Avenida Prefeito Mendes de Morais and Avenida Aquarela do Brasil.
The properties range from a huge square meter, or even larger, with sea views, large balconies, living room with integrated home theater, dining room, bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, suites, service area, closet, office and custom cabinets. The plants are excellent, with a wonderful distribution of environments.

Apartments: 3, 4, 5 bedrooms for sale in Sao Conrado

For those looking for a nice square meter apartment in São Conrado, check the prices of our apartments! We present a complete content made especially for you. Strategic location, we have top apartments for sale.

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    How much does an apartment in Sao Conrado cost?

    Invexo has exclusive apartments for sale in São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro. These are properties selected by a team of experts in the real estate market, who always guarantee clients the most advantageous trading opportunities.

    How much does it cost to live in Sao Conrado?

    If you wonder how much it costs to live in Sao Conrado, know that there are many variables that influence this answer, such as: location, condominium infrastructure, footage and other factors.