Apartments for sale in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

What does an apartment in Ipanema have? Lots of advantages of living in one of the most wanted neighborhoods in the “Zona Sul”. Rio de Janeiro is the city with the highest demand for properties for purchase and with the most valued square meter in the country. Who wouldn’t want to have an apartment in Ipanema, a setting inspired by Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes, whether to live in or take a vacation? Since the 70s, the Ipanema neighborhood has been one of the most coveted in the Marvelous City and, in addition to representing a cultural cradle, it has established itself as an example of infrastructure in work, education, entertainment and shopping. Living in Ipanema is synonymous with being close to everything.

Apartments in Ipanema for sale

Ipanema apartments for sale

In Ipanema, if you want an apartment, living near “Posto 8”, “Posto 9” and “Posto 10” on the beach are the most sought after. The 8 and 9 are the favorites of tourists, precisely because of the cool crowd that usually has the party there. 10, on the other hand, is more frequented by residents of the neighborhood itself, so it is a quieter and more family-friendly place. It is also on Ipanema beach that the figure of its main admirer, Tom Jobim, was immortalized in the form of a statue. Everyone loves to take a picture with the maestro!

Iconic apartments for sale in Rio de Janeiro Ipanema

In Ipanema, there is a growing luxury trade. Most large designer stores are located on Garcia D’Ávila, Visconde de Pirajá and Maria Quitéria streets. In addition, residents can enjoy the traditional Hippie Fair every Sunday and every Tuesday the charming organic fair at Nossa Senhora da Paz Square.

The region also has quality options in the area of ​​education: colleges and faculties, such as Notre Dame and Universidade São Paulo. When it comes to food, Ipanema is filled with the best and most traditional bars and restaurants in RJ, such as Bar Garota de Ipanema and Gero restaurants.

Also, to have a 180º view of the neighborhood, it is worth visiting Mirante da Paz, at the top of one of the towers that integrate Ipanema with the upper community of the neighborhood. The viewpoint is accessed from the General Osório station of the Ipanema subway, on Rua Barão da Torre.

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Ipanema have the most beautiful apartments

Ipanema is one of the most valued neighborhoods in the Marvelous City, which, as we told you at the beginning of this text, has the most expensive square meter in the country. This means that buying an apartment in Ipanema is a great investment.

It is worth researching and checking the best options in your case, but one thing is for sure: you will fall in love with Ipanema and there is no reason to resist so many incredible experiences that you can have in the neighborhood.
Ipanema, for example, is a very well located neighborhood with easy access to other parts of Rio de Janeiro. It has three subway stations: General Osório, Nossa Sra. da Paz and Jardim de Alah, which make any trip to the city center happen in a matter of minutes.

Apartments: 2, 3, 4, 5 bedrooms for sale in Ipanema

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    If you wonder how much it costs to live in Ipanema, know that there are many variables that influence this answer, such as: location, condominium infrastructure, footage and other factors. On our website we have complete information!