Leblon Real Estate

Leblon is a neighborhood with the highest real estate appreciation in Rio de Janeiro and is also the most expensive square meter in the city, being a high-end, noble and traditional location. Real estate profitability in the region is wonderful and has been breaking records year after year, leading the ranking of the most expensive, trendy and sophisticated neighborhoods in Rio.

Leblon real estate for sale

Rio de Janeiro real estate Leblon for sale

Leblon is beautiful, very charming and holds some of the main riches of the Rio de Janeiro capital, such as a fantastic view of Morro Dois Irmãos, the beautiful Leblon Beach, Mirante, Shopping Leblon, a wonderful boardwalk for running and other attractions. Another positive point is the proximity of Leblon to Ipanema and to several beaches in the Marvelous City. You will have the best of Rio de Janeiro very close to your home, with easy access!

Buying a residential property in Leblon is investing in luxury apartments and penthouses, with wonderful views, prime location and complete infrastructure for leisure, commerce and services. It’s the right deal for anyone looking for a comfortable lifestyle.

Leblon Rio real estate

Leblon can also be recognized as one of the most famous residential neighborhoods in all of Brazil. This is because he was and continues to be portrayed in the universe of the arts, whether in music, cinema, teledramaturgy or literature.

And for those who value a more fitness and healthy lifestyle, there are several places suitable for sports on the edge of Leblon beach, as well as meditation practices and various artistic activities.

In addition, in Leblon and its surroundings, urban mobility is quite a differentiator. It is possible to get around very quickly, whether by bicycle, subway, bus or car.

This is because its extensive cycling map and stations located at strategic points favor the routine of its residents and everyone who circulates through the neighborhoods on a daily basis.

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morro dois irmaos leblon beach rio de janeiro brazil

Leblon Rio de Janeiro Real Estate

In fact, living in the “well-behaved brother” of Ipanema — as it is called by some — is investing in a real and indisputable quality of life.

Some apartments for sale in Leblon are considered rarities and are extremely popular when available for sale, which further suggests this exclusive character.

You can find apartments in the neighborhood with the most diverse specifications, able to meet all tastes and requirements. The properties have different typologies, such as the garden type, duplex and triplex penthouses.

The available properties have many bedrooms, with suites, modern architecture, parking spaces, large rooms, great footage, spacious balconies, high-tech security items, perimeter alarm, landscaping and high-end lighting design. standard, swimming pool, gym, wi-fi in common areas and several sustainable technologies.

Real estate Leblon: 2, 3, 4, 5 bedrooms

For those looking for a nice square meter apartment in Leblon, check the prices of our apartments! We present a complete content made especially for you. Strategic location, we have top apartments in Leblon for sale.

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    How much does an apartment in Leblon cost?

    If you want to know how much an apartment in Leblon costs, access the content of INVEXO, a real estate company specializing in luxury real estate in Rio de Janeiro.

    Is it safe to live in Leblon?

    It is safe to live in Leblon, because in addition to perimeter surveillance, most residential areas have effective security projects, using biometrics, password access, internal circuitry and other technological resources.