Real Estate Agents in Rio de Janeiro – Meet our team

Our team is made up of specialists with extensive experience in the real estate market, who constantly seek updating themselves to offer the best to our customers, by tracing their profiles in an assertive way and avoiding unnecessary visits.

The priority is always to offer an exclusive experience, by segmenting our work by regions and targeting a specific broker by property. In addition to offering complete advice from the property research to the final documentation, our specialists have exquisite expertise in the region where you intend to live. Therefore, INVEXO has gained increasing prominence in the Rio de Janeiro luxury real estate market, bringing tranquility and security in all negotiations.

João Paulo

José Neto

Andrea Lemos

Marco Moraes

Marketing Team

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Heloyza Guedes

Bruna Jacques

Denise de oliveira

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Luiz Mota

Ronnie Possatti

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