Apartments for sale in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro

For those who are looking for real estate properties for sale in Rio de Janeiro, in a warm and well located environment, living in Barra da Tijuca can be the perfect option! Besides being one of the best known neighborhoods of the wonderful city, the list of reasons and advantages of settling there is immense. The region has already hosting several historical events, such as the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Not to mention the cultural richness it offers on its streets. Quality of life is certainly one of the synonyms of the neighborhood.

Apartments in Barra da Tijuca for sale

Barra da Tijuca apartments for sale

Being a neighborhood further away from the city center, buying an apartment in barra da tijuca has been an alternative for those who are seeking peace. The place proposes a great diversity of villas, you will find condominiums and houses of different styles there. However, the beautiful beach that lies ahead made most people prefer apartments to be able to enjoy the view.

Transport in the region is also not to be desired. Buses, taxis, brt and other locomotion options are offered. You’ll have easy access to get around any corner of the city you need.

Iconic apartments for sale in Rio de Janeiro Barra da Tijuca

When it comes to fun, the neighborhood offers a gigantic variety of nightclubs and bars to enjoy the night. Other than that, some of the biggest events Rio de Janeiro has hosted are close to the neighborhood. For example, Rock in Rio, which is a few minutes from the bar making the drive.

There you will also find shopping malls, shopping centers and restaurants to all tastes. There will be no shortage of options!

apartments for sale barra da tijuca rio de janeiro brazil
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Barra da Tijuca mobility and accessibility

In Barra, you will find several possibilities to enjoy a sunny day and a beautiful environment naturally. In addition to Barra Beach itself, you can get to know many others. Imagine just waking up in your apartment in barra da tijuca and being facing this wonderful view. There’s nothing better!

Grumari, Praia do Recreio and Prainha are just some of the landscapes you find in the region. This is because, because it is a quieter neighborhood, the environments are very well preserved and carry an immense beauty.

Living in an apartment for sale in Barra Rio

If you choose to live in Barra da Tijuca, you certainly won’t regret it. Are you going to be out of being able to live in this amazing neighborhood? Do not miss this chance, after all, Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful.

Barra Rio de Janeiro - Properties for Sale

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    How much does an apartment in Barra da Tijuca cost?

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    Is it safe to live in Barra da Tijuca?

    it is safe to live in Barra da Tijuca because there are several condominiums with 24-hour security, complete infrastructure, bakery, restaurants.