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Lagoa is a very traditional neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, which was named in honor of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, one of the most emblematic postcards of the city. Located in the south of the city, Lagoa is a fantastic region for those who value contact with nature.

Apartments in Lagoa

The best apartments in Rio: Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

The neighborhood has several parks and green areas, a beautiful view of the mountains, especially Morro Dois Irmãos and Pedra da Gávea, in addition to bike paths, jogging tracks and an excellent complex with restaurants, shops and various entertainment options. It is a mostly residential area, with several amazing properties for sale. With the support of Invexo consultants, you can have access to an exclusive portfolio of residential properties in Lagoa, with an incredible infrastructure and all the amenities you and your family value, such as shopping centers, sports courts and leisure areas, restaurants , cinemas and many other attractions.

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Living in Lagoa is being in intimate contact with the main natural beauties of Rio de Janeiro. This is an upscale neighborhood in the state capital, with a lot of history and tradition. It is a region that has experienced excellent development in recent years, but which maintains its traditional roots and its historic buildings and monuments.

Avenida Epitácio Pessoa is one of the main addresses in Lagoa, as it is in the area that surrounds Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, being an excellent address to live and invest. Many modern condominiums are located on this avenue, including developments that are in an advanced stage of construction. It is possible to find incredible apartments, with modern architecture, spacious and sophisticated environments, differentiated and exclusive lighting and landscaping projects and many other attractions.

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Invexo, you can discover the best residential properties in Lagoa, such as apartments and penthouses with great taste and very close to the most beautiful landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. They are properties with three or four suites, with a duplex profile, with excellent footage, a lot of comfort, with an enlarged living room, complete leisure area and much more.

If your dream is to live in one of the noblest areas of Rio de Janeiro, the Invexo team can help you! With a personalized consultancy, you will be able to visit the main residential properties available in the Lagoa region, being introduced to the most sophisticated and innovative in terms of architecture and infrastructure.

All Invexo exclusive properties are exclusive, that is, they are only available in our portfolio. We also have the best residential releases, for those who want to buy an apartment on the ground floor; or ready-to-live-in properties, with assured quality, appreciation and excellent return on investment.

Apartments: 3, 4, 5 bedrooms for sale Lagoa

For those looking for a nice square meter apartment in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, check the prices of our apartments! We present a complete content made especially for you. Strategic location, we have top apartments for sale.

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