Housing in Rio de Janeiro

Whether in a luxury apartment, with a high standard finish, in a spacious penthouse or in a mansion, who wouldn’t want to live in one of the luxury properties in RJ? There are many wonderful and extraordinary developments in the Marvelous City waiting for you. Huge apartments and penthouses, with spacious rooms and a breathtaking view. This is how luxury real estate in RJ is. Among the innumerable benefits of these residences, the main one is certainly the direct contact with nature.

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Rio de Janeiro Housing for Sale

Imagine being with your family in a beautiful region and having quality of life with spacious properties, impeccable infrastructure, a leisure area to be envied and projects carried out by the most renowned and modern architects, with exclusivity, privacy and security. These are some of the possibilities for people looking to start a new life in Rio de Janeiro, in upscale neighborhoods with access to the best of commerce, schools, hospitals, gyms and more.

Living in Rio de Janeiro is to unite the wonders of the big city, the urban area, with the beauty and tranquility provided by nature. This can be possible with INVEXO luxury real estate in Rio de Janeiro. Find extraordinary luxury penthouses, perfect apartments for you and your family, in the most famous and noble places in Rio, such as Leblon, Barra da Tijuca, Joá, Lagoa, among others.

They are properties with incredible views, very well located, with 24-hour security, with options in areas with lots of green, by the beach, close to the best restaurants, shopping malls, bookstores, theaters, cinemas, concert halls and other cultural centers. Another key point in the search for luxury real estate is architecture. It is for this reason that the most sought after and famous architects and designers sign most of these projects. Several criteria are essential for you to be able to make a good choice of your property. All materials used for the finishes of a luxury property must present absolute quality, whether for windows, floors, coatings and wall paints. Everything needs to be impeccable, after all, it is a property of great value.

The materials most sought after and used in high-end properties are: marble, quartz, porcelain, wood of different types and granite. These choices are not made simply for aesthetic reasons, but for their high durability and resistance.

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