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The real estate market is considered one of the biggest pillars of the economy today. But, before deciding to invest, it is essential to know how real estate is appreciating in Rio de Janeiro in 2022.

Its constant growth over the decades in the capital of Rio de Janeiro is evident and attracts many interested parties. The city is coveted for housing because of its neighborhoods that invest in a diversified commercial infrastructure, high quality of life for its residents, greater security and, above all, the beautiful natural landscapes.

property for sale in rio de janeiro

Rio de Janeiro real estate for sale

The neighborhoods cover charming coastal, urban, mountain regions and areas with environmental preservation, views that please the most varied preferences.

The wide diversity of its territory, added to the tourist attractions that receive visitors from all over the world, make Rio de Janeiro a favorite city for housing and investments. An overview of how the carioca real estate market developed in 2021 can provide an excellent basis for establishing real estate investment goals for the year 2022.

Rio property

With growth forecast for 2022, the Real Estate sector in Brazil presents a wide range of opportunities for investors, especially in the Rio de Janeiro market.

As it is one of the safest investments today, the number of people who choose to invest in real estate has grown considerably, whether to guarantee passive income or to anticipate retirement.

An option for those who want to start investing in the real estate market and take advantage of the high value of real estate in Rio de Janeiro is through real estate funds (FII). It is an excellent alternative for beginner investors without big capital.

But there is another investment option that goes beyond financial investments in the real estate sector. Obtaining physical real estate can also result in a high profit, if it is possible to rent or sell it later for a higher price. The current scenario is ideal for this, since with the rise in the Selic rate, it is expected that the value of rents will present a significant increase.

properties for sale in brazil rio de janeiro

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