The Novo Leblon Condominium is one of the largest, most traditional and most complete residential complexes in Barra da Tijuca. Launched in 1976, the condominium is made up of eight buildings, with units that have 2 to 4 bedrooms. The complex covers an area of 500,000 m². All buildings are named after Italian artists.

To live in Rio de Janeiro, the luxury apartments in Barra da Tijuca are some of the best options for living with luxury and quality of life in one of the most famous neighborhoods in the Marvelous City.

Discover Novo Leblon

Among the distinguishing features of Condomínio Novo Leblon is its location. Surrounded by 11 well-known streets in Barra da Tijuca that provide access to essential services, such as schools and shops, residents of Novo Leblon can live a comfortable life and enjoy incredible views.

Currently, Condomínio Novo Leblon has approximately 6 thousand residents and is one of the largest residential complexes in the region. Over the years, the buildings and the condominium customer service have been modernized, as well as the security system.

Novo Leblon was launched in the 70s with a very attractive slogan: come and live where you want to spend your holidays. In total, there are 1120 apartments, ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms. Among the Italian artists honored in the names of the buildings are: Pisano, Di Duccio, Ghirlandaio, Michelozzo, Lucca Della Robbia and Moretto.

The buildings are managed independently and have their respective leisure and common use areas. Among the facilities are the condominium’s exclusive bus, ferry crossings to the beachfront, the Country Club Novo Leblon and nearby schools, such as Santo Agostinho and Albert Einstein.

Houses Novo Leblon: infrastructure

Novo Leblon’s infrastructure is one of the biggest differences for residents. With lots of nature around, the Novo Leblon condominium has an area with bocce ball, sand, small farm, marina, gardens, woods and fruit trees, creating a unique and very pleasant space for residents to coexist and welcome visitors.

The region where the Novo Leblon condominium is located is privileged and has bank branches, shopping centers and clubs that offer everything you really need to have a comfortable life. It is possible to stroll through the Novo Leblon shopping mall, which is close to Shopping Rio Design and Vogue Square.

The social spaces at the Novo Leblon condominium have a barbecue, tennis courts and other sports, a sports school for children and teenagers, an indoor gym, piano bar, restaurant, water park and saunas.

Novo Leblon has a restaurant that caters to families, especially when leaving the pools, after sporting activities or on special occasions, for a cold beer, soft drink, pizzas, snacks and other delicacies.

Administration of the Novo Leblon Condominium

Residents of the Novo Leblon condominium are informed of decisions and news through the Novo Leblon Magazine, which is periodically delivered to condominium owners. The internet is also a tool used to contact families.

On the Novo Leblon administrator’s website, residents can access condominium meeting minutes and invoices and duplicates to pay the space management fee.

Come live in Barra

Barra da Tijuca is one of the most pleasant upscale neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro to live with quality of life, with self-catering apartments and condominiums. Check out detailed information about the condominium! Our team of property experts at Condomínio Novo Leblon created an article with everything the condominium has to offer for you and your family.

Condomínio Novo Leblon is surrounded by 11 well-known streets in Barra da Tijuca that provide access to essential services, such as schools and shops. The infrastructure of the Novo Leblon Condominium includes an area with bocce, sand, small farm, marina, gardens, forests and fruit trees.

Condomínio Novo Leblon was launched in 1976, with eight buildings and units that have 2 to 4 bedrooms. The complex covers an area of 500,000 m². Close to all the commerce and with high standard finishes, luxury properties in Barra da Tijuca are some of the most desired in Rio de Janeiro. Check out our catalog of luxury properties for sale in Barra da Tijuca!