The charming Leblon RJ is a staple in the soap operas of author Manoel Carlos, who does not hide his preference for the place.

With so many plots carried out in the region, we decided to stop to understand the reasons for so much admiration for this famous neighborhood in the South Zone.

What is it that enchants Manoel Carlos so much? In addition to the beautiful beach and countless leisure options, there is certainly a reason to like — and choose — the same space so much. Beaches, restaurants, leisure, culture… what is the author’s secret?

If you’re curious, discover the reasons why Leblon is a destination for beautiful global stories. Check it out below:

Leblon RJ: The neighborhood that has it all

In reality, the answer to this curious question is quite simple. According to Manoel Carlos himself, his preference for Leblon RJ is in line with his personal routine. The author reveals that he chooses the Rio neighborhood for a simple reason: this is the place he lives and knows very well.

Lifeguard Station Posto 12 Leblon Beach RJ

In fact, Manoel Carlos is a very active resident of the neighborhood, always walking calmly through the streets, talking to neighbors and absorbing the entire essence of the place. And this involvement makes the process of choosing his stories natural, as the author can see in every corner the plot of the characters and the direction the script could take. There’s another advantage of living in Leblon!

This way, it is possible to have more control over the progress of your soap operas, which are usually successes with audiences and critics. Therefore, the “marriage” between Manoel Carlos and Leblon appears as a formula that works — even if repeated exhaustively.

Which soap operas have already aired on Leblon RJ?

As we said, several works have already been the stage and inspiration for the global author, who has an extensive list of novels in the region:

Titles in englishOriginal titles
Happiness, 1991;
Love Story, 1995;
For Love, 1997;
Family Ties, 2000;
Women in Love, 2003;
Pages of Life, 2006;
Viver a Vida, 2009;
In Family, 2014.
Felicidade, 1991;
História de amor, 1995;
Por amor, 1997;
Laços de Família, 2000;
Mulheres Apaixonadas, 2003;
Páginas da Vida, 2006;
Viver a Vida, 2009;
Em Família, 2014.

These are just the plots that were shown on Rede Globo, since the author’s career is quite extensive and includes other important works for Brazilian television drama.

It is possible to highlight, therefore, that the success of all these soap operas contributed to many people looking for a property in Leblon, in an attempt to live in the setting where their favorite characters were.

“Helenas” and a love for reality

It is a fact that Manoel Carlos does not hide his love for Leblon RJ, as he focuses all his stories on the Rio neighborhood. However, this is not the only pattern that the author uses in constructing his narratives. The recurrence of a certain character in his plots has already become a classic: the protagonist called “Helena”.

The choice of name is as simple as your choice of Leblon: the character Helena is based on the Greek mythological work, in which Helena of Troy represented a strong, courageous, independent woman who is in charge of her life.

Furthermore, Maneco — as he is affectionately known — does not hide the fact that reality and social dramas are part of his narrative. In this way, using the real world as inspiration and repeating some patterns, it is difficult not to produce works that are so successful and win the admiration of millions of Brazilians.

Manoel Carlos Soap Operas in Leblon

It is clear that not only through Manoel Carlos’ vision is it possible to be enchanted by the Leblon RJ neighborhood. Naturally, the region has incredible beauty and an unsurpassed quality of life, making it one of the best places to live in Brazil.

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