We can say without fear of making mistakes that Country Club Ipanema is a unique environment in Brazil. After all, it is the most select club in the country, with just 850 members.

Located in front of Ipanema Beach, at the height of Posto 10, where great names in Rio society circulated and continue to this day, the club is one of the most mythical environments in the Marvelous City.

Occupying a block between Prudente de Morais and Vieira Souto streets, Country is known to everyone as the “socialites” club.

Its membership titles can be sold for more than half a million reais and the place is also famous for the difficulty of being accepted into its membership.

The story begins in 1916, when a group of English and Americans, most of them employees of Light and Botanical Gardens, founded The Rio de Janeiro Country Club at Rua Prudente de Morais nº 1597.

Country Club Ipanema RJ

Precisely because it had an initial majority of foreigners, those who know the history of the Marvelous City say that the Country was decisive for the colonization of Ipanema.

At that time, the stretch of beach in front of the club was considered unsuitable for swimming. The children of the members would drive to Arpoador, meaning that, until the beginning of the 1930s, English was the dominant language in those surroundings.

Because of the Country, and with an eye on real estate expansion in the region, Light took the tram line to Bar 20 (near Jardim de Alah), in 1922.

In the 1970s, when the real estate boom hit Ipanema, its more than 12 thousand square meters of green area on the beach block remained the same. In fact, little has changed in the country’s infrastructure.

Ipanema Country Club

The Country Club’s land is bordered by Avenida Vieira Souto and streets Prudente de Morais, Anibal de Mendonça and Henrique Dumont. Like a kind of enclave, the city’s most closed club tends to be an oasis of aristocratic spirit amidst the effervescence of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

There, the members continue their pleasant routine of tennis games, drinks by the pool and chats on the restaurant’s balcony. Located on the trendiest stretch of Ipanema Beach, Country is a refuge for some of the most famous names in Brazil.

Figures such as Robert Falkenburg, two-time Wimbledon champion and creator of the Bob’s fast-food chain, and Jorge Paulo Lemann, one of the richest Brazilians in the world and one of the owners of the largest brewery on the planet, AB InBev.

The headquarters are located in a salmon-colored mansion, with a games room, bar, private cinema and saunas. The decor is very reminiscent of the 1960s, which permeates the entire environment.

Country Club Ipanema Price

Since it was founded in 1916, Country has made a point of maintaining the aura of an exclusive place, where members meet their peers in prestige and wealth, in a family atmosphere. Just as it is closed in all aspects, the price charged is also a big unknown for anyone who is not part of this select club.

Tennis Court Country Club Ipanema Rio de Janeiro

There is a lot of speculation about the price of a Country Club Ipanema title. It is known that the value of the title rose from 85 thousand to 150 thousand reais. The transfer fee also rose, from 30 thousand to 75 thousand reais. However, there are reports of members paying up to R$600,000 for the much-coveted title.

Country Club Ipanema Members

Inspired by the aristocratic associations of gentlemen in England, the club’s administrative body imported its picturesque voting system with balls, cylinders and the like from the British Isles. They also brought from Great Britain a deep concern about the origins and past of their associates.

There, it is heresy to speak loudly at the table or use your cell phone in places such as the pool, the gym and the restaurant. Therefore, discretion is the watchword. Furthermore, as desired as it is difficult to obtain, the Country title makes its owner a member of a world apart. There are only 850 members.

Country Club Fees in Ipanema

For someone to enter Country Club Ipanema, someone else has to leave. There, socializing takes place as if in an extension of a living room. Many people say that being a member of the club is not a desire, but a vocation. This is because the candidate for membership has to desire this title and be desired by the “family” that makes up the club.

Therefore, there is no point in just paying the quota amount, as the procedure for being accepted goes far beyond purchasing power. The rigor is, in fact, intense when choosing. In the ritual, the candidate has their photo and name displayed on a stone wall for 60 days before being evaluated by the 24-member council.

In this environment, a candidate who is not well regarded by the majority usually receives signs that he may be rejected before even going to the vote. Furthermore, legend has it that most people withdraw their candidacy to avoid some type of “public humiliation”.

Country Club Ipanema Rio de Janeiro

To enter the Country, the applicant submits to the black ball system. Therefore, red balls are used when you are in favor of the new member joining. The white balls are neutral and the black balls represent the veto on entry.

Four black balls from members of the Deliberative Council are enough to reject anyone, important or not. Therefore, once rejected, the applicant can resubmit the request the following month. If it is passed over again, it must wait a year to return to work.

Restaurants near the Country Club

In addition to the restaurant itself, available only to those with permission to enter the Country Club, the region has great gastronomic options.

Located at Rua Prudente de Morais, 729, Spazziano Organic & Raw Food values health. Thus, the dishes are free of trans fat, lactose, cholesterol and chemical additives. According to its website, these are dishes prepared according to Smart Food criteria, functional and rejuvenating, full of fiber, vitamins, minerals and highly digestive enzymes:

“We use organic vegetables and sprouts coming directly from our garden, fruits, grains, whole grains, delicious sauces seasoned with condiments and natural herbs and artisanal breads made at Spa Maria Bonita in Friburgo”.

Administration of Spazziano.
Ipanema Country Club Rio de Janeiro

Another big highlight in the region is Rayz. Opened in 2014, the brand operates three addresses in Rio de Janeiro. In Ipanema, the restaurant is on the corner of Farme de Amoedo and Prudente de Morais streets. The creations are by chef Daniel Pinho, who traveled throughout Brazil researching new flavors and techniques, visiting renowned cuisines from all regions of the country.

On the menu, the highlight is the Shoulder Steak plate, with fried onions, farofa and sauce. Another relevant dish is Chapa do Mar, with fish of the day, squid, shrimp with broccoli rice and salad. The Salmon Steak Tartare, with baroa chips is also a good choice.

Finally, if you love that bar atmosphere and want to have a good time in an environment full of stories, it’s worth stopping by Garota de Ipanema Restaurant and Bar. The establishment takes its name because it was there that Vinícius and Tom Jobim composed the song of the same name, “Girl from Ipanema“, the ultimate icon of bossa nova.

The house has some traditional items, such as cod fritters, mixed catupiry pastries, meat and shrimp. It’s also worth trying the picanha, a main dish that can serve up to three people. The Garota de Ipanema Restaurant and Bar is at Rua Vinícius de Morais, 49.

Condominiums with complete leisure in Ipanema

It is due to the history of the Country Club and many others, involving the most notorious places in Ipanema, that the neighborhood is recognized as one of the best to live in Brazil.

Ipanema, located in the South Zone of Rio, is one of the best and most noble neighborhoods to live in Rio de Janeiro. Discover luxury residential properties in Ipanema today with INVEXO, a real estate agency specializing in luxury properties in Rio de Janeiro.