Discover the main parks in the Lagoa, a Rio de Janeiro neighborhood, and what they can offer their visitors. There is no shortage of leisure in the Lagoa Rio de Janeiro neighborhood. With an impeccable structure, the region stands out positively for residents and visitors, offering alternatives for all tastes and ages.

And when it comes to parks, there are some possibilities to enjoy in Lagoa Rio de Janeiro. There are alternatives with lots of greenery, sports and gastronomic options to enjoy the places without moderation. Do you want to know the parks that stand out in the Lagoa neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro? So, keep reading until the end!

The neighborhood has several parks and green areas, as well as bike paths, running tracks and an excellent commercial complex made up of restaurants, shops and various entertainment options. These and other characteristics make luxury properties in Lagoa some of the most sought after in the South Zone and in the entire Rio de Janeiro. Discover the properties available in this neighborhood now!

Cantagalo Park

With around 14 thousand square meters in area, Parque do Cantagalo is located on a stretch of Avenida Epitácio Pessoa, where Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon is located.

The space consists of an extensive wooded reserve with sports courts, where you can play volleyball, football and basketball to have fun with your family or friends.

In addition, it is also possible to find toys for the little ones, who can have fun safely on site and, when they get hungry, some restaurants and snack bars are available to feed them and give them more energy for the activities.

Catacumba Park

Another park located on Avenida Epitácio Pessoa, Parque da Catacumba is famous for its varied sports options, where you can enjoy the trail to Sacopã Viewpoint, overlooking Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon.

Regarding sports, Catacumba offers activities such as tree climbing, climbing, rappelling and zip lining, to the delight of the most adventurous. As for gastronomy, several restaurants can be found on site, where you can eat quickly without spending a lot.

Skate Park

Parque dos Patins is located on Avenida Borges de Medeiros and is the ideal place for sports such as skateboarding, scooters, bicycles and, of course, rollerblading. Its extensive area allows visitors to walk peacefully without the risk of accidents with cars and pedestrians.

Another excellent option in the Lagoa Rio de Janeiro neighborhood, the park also has an exclusive area for children, who can play peacefully and spend all their energy having lots of fun.

There is also a space for quick and delicious meals. It’s worth taking advantage!

Figueiras Park

Located on Av. Borges de Medeiros, Parque das Figueiras is a recently opened project in the Lagoa Rio de Janeiro neighborhood. On a plot of 18 thousand square meters, the place has space for children, elderly people and a bicycle rack, for those who want to exercise on their bike.

Furthermore, it is possible to take advantage of the fairs that are regular attractions on site, as well as gastronomic and artistic events. In this way, it becomes another well-structured and recommended park for a weekend with family or friends.

Lots of fun in Lagoa Rio de Janeiro Parks

As we can see, the number of parks in Lagoa Rio de Janeiro is extremely large and accessible to all audiences. If you are considering buying an apartment in Lagoa, you can take advantage of this structure with lots of greenery and leisure to relax and forget about your busy routine.

Therefore, if you want the maximum quality of life, discover the leisure spaces in Lagoa, one of the most charming, refined and traditional neighborhoods in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy!

Living in Lagoa means being in contact with the main natural beauties of Rio de Janeiro. This is an upscale neighborhood in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, with a lot of history and tradition. At Invexo, you can discover the best luxury residential properties in Lagoa, such as apartments and penthouses close to the most beautiful landscapes of Rio de Janeiro.