Living in Urca, in Rio de Janeiro RJ, is the best choice to find the best of the south zone of Rio! The Urca neighborhood is close to several important tourist attractions, a peaceful routine and a high-quality educational network. Furthermore, Urca is a traditional neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, with charming natural landscapes and a great quality of life.

Living in Urca RJ

The history of Urca RJ goes back to the beginning of the settlement of the Guanabara Bay region by the Portuguese. In other words, it mixes with the history of construction and foundation of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

But the neighborhood surrounded by the Urca and Pão de Açúcar hills only began to form officially in 1922, when the region’s subdivision plan was approved.

View Bondinho Cable Car Urca Hill Rio de Janeiro

Currently, the Urca neighborhood has a residential profile and borders Botafogo and Leme. It is a region surrounded by the sea and the waters of Guanabara Bay, full of nature and with views of Sugarloaf Mountain and Morro da Urca, stunning scenery.

Thus, Urca Beach is one of the places frequented by residents of the neighborhood. Small and narrow, the beach has calm waters and fine sand. But the region also has other wonders, such as Praia Vermelha and Praia de Fora.

The neighborhood is noble and made up of upper-class family homes. The reason for this is because, historically, the region was home to the aristocracy and great stars of Brazilian music, such as Carmen Miranda and Dalva de Oliveira.

Furthermore, Roberto Marinho, founder of Rede Globo, and singer Roberto Carlos are also among the illustrious names who chose to live in Urca.

The neighborhood’s architecture is made up of low, charming buildings. Many military personnel live in the region, due to the neighborhood’s proximity to the Círculo Militar and Fortaleza de São João. Some historic mansions are still found in the neighborhood, adding an even more special touch to the architecture of the place.

Urca Beach Rio de Janeiro

Urca is one of the quietest neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, with a high level of safety for residents and an excellent human development index. The region is privileged in terms of education, as it has:

However, public transport in the Urca neighborhood has few bus lines. The lines that are available lead to the central region of Rio de Janeiro and the Botafogo metro. It is therefore possible to reach the neighborhood via lines 107, 581, 582 and 513.

Urca does not have a subway, but residents can use Botafogo Metro Station to connect with buses that serve the region, especially line 513, heading to Urca.

Some important destinations of interest in Urca are, for example: the Benjamin Constant Institute, Forte São João, the old Cassino da Urca (which was the headquarters of TV Tupi and today houses the renowned Istituto Europeo di Design), the Science Museum of Terra and the Mineral Resources Research Company.

The middle and upper class neighborhood has a unique charm and is therefore worth getting to know if you are passing through Rio de Janeiro.

For people looking for a new address in the Marvelous City, Urca is the right place, especially for families who need a welcoming environment, with lots of nature, silence and green areas. Discover our catalog now with the best luxury properties for sale in Urca, a neighborhood in the South Zone of Rio.

Reasons to live in Urca: Urca Wall

Mureta da Urca is one of the most emblematic meeting points in the neighborhood, as the place offers spectacular sunsets and has a privileged view of Sugarloaf Mountain. Therefore, it is an area that receives many tourists. It is a mandatory stopping point for anyone visiting Rio de Janeiro.

The wall is located next to Guanabara Bay and guarantees a unique view of the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer, one of the most famous postcards in the world.

Living in Urca is sure to enjoy a very charming region, ideal for meeting friends and spending quality time admiring the beauty of Rio de Janeiro RJ.

Urca Wall Rio de Janeiro

For those coming from other neighborhoods, the best way to get to Mureta da Urca is via the Botafogo metro station, from which you can catch a bus to Urca. However, ordering a taxi or Uber is also a good option to get to the neighborhood.

The energy of this region is well worth the visit. Mureta da Urca is always full of beautiful people looking for fun, rest and relaxation. Therefore, it is a relaxed environment that welcomes many young people, couples and tourists.

In this area of the neighborhood it is also possible to find several qualified options of bars, restaurants and cafes. It is important to highlight that, in Urca, visitors and residents are in a very preserved and preserved neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, there are lots of cool things to visit and discover in the region.

Morro da Urca

Morro da Urca (Urca Hill or Mountain) is part of the group of hills in the neighborhood. It is smaller than Sugarloaf Mountain, but equally beautiful and fascinating. It is possible to reach Morro da Urca by cable car on an unforgettable trip.

There is also the possibility of accessing the Morro through a famous trail called Trilha da Urca. The walk is easy, without difficulties and takes 40 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on the walking pace. The view certainly makes up for the effort on the trail, with the advantage that access to the area is free.

To climb Morro da Urca via the trail, the starting point is Praia Vermelha, which is also the place where people find the cable car station that goes up the hill. Therefore, you can choose between walking or the comfort and convenience of the tram.

Urca Square Marina and Hill Rio de Janeiro RJ

On the way to Morro da Urca, visitors also visit Pista Claudio Coutinho, a beautiful and super pleasant path. This walk takes place amidst the exuberant nature of Rio de Janeiro and it is possible to see birds and many species of native flora. In other words, living in Urca is a unique experience in Rio de Janeiro RJ.

Along the way, visitors will find signs and signs with geological information about the formation of the region’s rock masses. To take advantage, just go to Pista Claudio Coutinho any day between 6am and 6pm.

The trail to Morro da Urca is 900 meters long and the rules for good use of the trail are right at the beginning of the climb. Therefore, it is important that people follow the guidelines to avoid accidents and setbacks.

Reasons to live in Urca: Urca Beach

Urca Beach has a fantastic location at the foot of Morro da Urca, but it is not recommended for swimming in the sea. It is 200 meters long with fine sand and calm waters. It is certainly a good place to relax and rest while admiring the imposing Fortaleza de São João and the beautiful view.

Visiting and frequenting Praia (Beach) da Urca is worth it because of the pleasant promenade and kiosks in the region. Another point of interest in the area is Praça General Tibúrcio, a historical and architectural landmark.

Urca Beach Rio de Janeiro

Praia da Urca is also recommended for walking and sand sports. Therefore, it is great for maintaining the quality of life of the region’s residents. The place is beautiful and has one of the most special views in the neighborhood.

Urca Trail

Regarding the Urca Trail, it is important to say that the area is demarcated and signposted and that many people pass through the region daily. As a result, it is considered a very safe trail. ithout a doubt, the trail is the best option for those who want to take a walk through Rio’s nature and still save the money that would be spent on the cable car. The Morro da Urca trail is very quick and can be done without the presence of a guide.

Be prepared to climb some good steps, but be aware that the pace of the trail is quite light. At the end of the climb, you can find a bathroom and a drinking fountain. In order to have an incredible experience, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and good sneakers. And don’t forget sunscreen and repellent!

But unlike the Morro da Urca Trail, the trail to Pão de Açúcar has an even greater level of difficulty and, therefore, must be done with the support of a specialized guide. Don’t try to do this trail alone, as it has some climbing areas.

For those who like sports, living in Urca is a great option in Rio de Janeiro RJ. After taking the nature walk to Morro da Urca, you can still explore the neighborhood further.

A good tip is to visit the beautiful Mural Grafite da Ciência, which is located at Rua Lauro Muller, 455, at the Brazilian Center for Physical Research. The work was produced by artist Gabriela L. Tores.

Reasons to live in Urca: Urca Bars

The bars in Urca are traditional and very popular with residents and visitors to Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, the region is always full of people at happy hour. There are several interesting bar options in the region, with varied menus and great prices. For example, Bar da Urca.

The establishment is the most famous and popular bar in the neighborhood and has been in operation since 1939. With a simple and traditional look, the bar is a Cultural Heritage Site in Rio de Janeiro and attracts many tourists.

Thus, the atmosphere is casual and relaxed, ideal for those looking for good beers and quick snacks. In addition, Bar da Urca also serves à la carte dishes on the upper floor and offers traditional Brazilian cuisine options. Among the options are the famous feijoada, fish, breaded shrimp, minced filet mignon, Oswaldo Aranha filet and shrimp risotto.

It is the closest bar to Mureta da Urca and, therefore, is very successful. It is common for people to buy their drinks at the bar and sit on the wall to admire the landscape and chat. But this is only possible because the view of Guanabara Bay is privileged in this region, with a breathtaking scenery.

The menu at Bar da Urca is very varied and has many delicious snacks. The suggestion is to order the crab pie, the cod cake, the shrimp pastry, the traditional bean soup and the breaded shrimp. Bar da Urca is located at Rua Cândido Gaffrée, 205.

Another popular bar in Urca is Urca Grill, founded in 2004. The place is very relaxed and has affordable prices. The menu has ready-to-eat meals, snacks and several drink options. The pastries are the big stars of this bar. Urca Grill is located at Rua Marechal Cantuária, 10.

Another bar that is also worth visiting in the region is Abençoado – Bar & Restaurante, which is located in Morro da Urca.

In addition to having a fantastic view of Guanabara Bay, the bar offers a vast menu of snacks, Brazilian food and drinks, such as coconut water and caipifrutas. The establishment is located in Morro da Urca, at Av. Pasteur, 520.

Bar da Urca

In addition to these, Boteco Belmonte is also a traditional option in Urca and is located at Av. Portugal, 986. The place is close to the beach, has a casual and relaxed atmosphere and a super tasty menu, with several drink options, draft beer, caipivodkas and bar food. For example:

  • Pies;
  • cod fritters;
  • portions of feijoada cake;
  • cassava fritter with shrimp and catupiry;
  • cassava fritter with dried meat and catupiry;
  • sliced ham sandwiches, among other delicacies;
  • the famous picanha pastry.

But there are other traditional bars in Urca. Some options, therefore, are: Flor da Urca, Garota da Urca Restaurant and Bar and Canal 6 Bar and Restaurant. All are casual establishments with simple decor.

The region also has high-quality restaurants, serving everything from classic Brazilian cuisine to international cuisine. Excellent options for these restaurants in Urca are: Clássico Beach Club Urca, Arabic Urca, Julíus Brasseríe and Terra Brasilis.

Tourism in Urca RJ

Urca is one of the neighborhoods with a strongly preserved history and tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro. Despite being a small region, it is home to many treasures and exuberant beauties.

There is a lot to do in Urca. The neighborhood has cycle paths for cycling and open areas for physical activities. As if that weren’t enough, the neighborhood also houses the historical landmarks of the founding of the city of Rio de Janeiro and has the best beaches in the south zone.

Among the mandatory tours in this region, it is possible to highlight Praia Vermelha, ideal for swimming in the sea, sunbathing or practicing water sports. It is also worth visiting Praça General Tibúrcio, which is surrounded by historic buildings and houses the monument with a beautiful garden and a fountain in honor of the dead of the Communist Intentona.

Another interesting and educational historical tour is the Praia Vermelha Military Circle, where you can see a replica of the cannon that was used to protect the entrance to Guanabara Bay. There is also a beautiful sundial and the very Brazilian restaurant Terra Brasilis.

Furthermore, close to the Yacht Club is another famous Urca attraction. Quadrado da Urca, a marina that houses several boats, is very popular with tourists for photos. The view from this location is incredible. With boats and mountains in the background, Quadrado da Urca (Urca Square) is a heritage site declared by the city.

An unmissable attraction in the region is, without a doubt, the cable car that takes you to Pão de Açúcar, with entry at Av. Pasteur, 520. The place is always full of tourists and, therefore, the ideal is to buy tickets for the tour with in advance and with a discount via the website.

Commerce in Urca also offers some qualified options. Residents and tourists can find pharmacies, gyms, bakeries, stores and service providers in the region, such as:

  • Urca Bakery;
  • Petshop Patas e Penas;
  • Artlus Hall;
  • Urca Emporium;
  • Teresa Camarão Pilates Studio;
  • Cristal Drugstore;
  • South Zone Supermarket.

For larger purchases, especially clothes, shoes and other valuable items, the ideal is to go to shopping malls and shopping centers in nearby neighborhoods, such as Botafogo Praia Shopping and Shopping Rio Sul.

Living in Urca Rio de Janeiro RJ

If you want to live in Urca, one of the noble and high-end neighborhoods in the south of Rio de Janeiro, you can find an exclusive selection of residential properties for sale. Some real estate launches are available in this privileged area of Rio de Janeiro. But it is important to highlight that these opportunities are rare, as Urca spent several decades without new constructions and developments.

The neighborhood is small, quiet and comfortable, with a more intimate atmosphere when compared to other neighborhoods in the south of Rio. Therefore, it is an ideal region for those looking for privacy, security and comfort. All this amid stunning and preserved nature that forms a true oasis in the middle of the metropolis.

Located between beaches, mountains and Guanabara Bay, the Urca neighborhood is a strategic and privileged address in Rio de Janeiro. Residential properties in this region have excellent value for money and are close to several interesting places, such as the Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club, Casa & Shopping Gourmet, Rio Sul, the British School, Parque do Morro do Pasmado and the Escola Elevate.

Finally, there are two projects in particular that deserve to be highlighted in this neighborhood. They are: Rocca Urca Inti and Urbano Urca Inti, launches by Construtora INTI that are enchanting residents of the south zone.

Rocca Urca Inti is a real estate launch at Avenida São Sebastião, 46. The properties have two to three suites and sizes ranging from 97 m² to 339 m² on the penthouse. But there are only four units, one apartment per floor.

With a light and elegant architecture, Rocca Urca Inti is perfect for those looking for a modern apartment and a peaceful routine located on the shores of Guanabara Bay. The development’s region is strategic, as it is close to several shops and points of interest, such as the Zona Sul Supermarket, the Santander and Itaú banks and the Yacht Club.

The project has a sophisticated architecture and a minimalist facade. Furthermore, at Rocca Urca Inti, all units have views of Guanabara Bay. Urbano Urca Inti, on the other hand, is a project that will be built at Rua Urbano Santos, 71. The project is very modern and sophisticated, with different architecture, apartments with three suites and square footage ranging from 163.92 m² to 165 .26 m².

Cable Car Living in Urca Rio de Janeiro RJ

The development will also have a single linear penthouse with four suites, three parking spaces and a size of 329.19 m². In total, Urbano Urca Inti will have nine units. All with intelligent distribution of rooms and a lot of sophistication.

Certainly, the building will have a privileged location, combining the perfect balance between nature and the amenities of urban life. The apartments will be sustainable and with innovative design. The development will be close to Mureta da Urca, UniRio, the Yacht Club, the Sugar Loaf Cable Car and Shopping Rio Sul.

Furthermore, the Urbano’s facade will have contemporary architecture and the internal spaces and apartments will be functional and elegant. As a result, the building will have two apartments per floor, all with a gourmet balcony.

Living in Urca luxury properties

Urca is a region of Rio de Janeiro with few real estate launches. Therefore, the projects in the launch phase are very exclusive and highly sought after by people who want to live in this prime area of the Marvelous City.

Both projects are scheduled for delivery in 2022. These are two excellent investment opportunities, as they offer apartments and penthouses in one of the most charming neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. The location guarantees a landscape filled with nature and the beauty of the mountains and the sea. In short, it is a perfect synthesis of what Rio de Janeiro is.

Living in Urca is an excellent choice for those looking for balance and a calmer routine, away from the hustle and bustle of other neighborhoods in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro RJ.

The region is a peaceful corner in Rio de Janeiro, perfect for a healthy life, with outdoor activities and lots of safety for the whole family. Visit our website and discover the best of luxury residential properties in Urca, a neighborhood in the South Zone of Cidade Maravilhosa.