Alfredo Sirkis Leblon Park or Two Brothers Cliff Park (Parque do Penhasco Dois Irmãos) is one of the most acclaimed places in the beloved neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro’s South Zone. With more than 39 hectares full of beautiful viewpoints, gardens, diverse fauna and flora, the place is a real attraction for audiences of all ages.

New name for Dois Irmãos Natural Cliff Park

In fact, the street recently gained a new and unusual name: Dois Irmãos (Two brothers), Sérgio Bernardes and Alfredo Sirkis Municipal Natural Park. The address, which was always called Parque Municipal Dois Irmãos, officially has not had that name since 2002, being called Parque Sérgio Bernardes.

At that time, in 2002, the change occurred after the death of Bernardes, one of the main names in modernist architecture in the country. At the time, under the influence of Alfredo Sirkis himself (Rio’s then municipal secretary of Urban Planning), former mayor Cesar Maia decided to rename the park in honor of the architect.

However, in July last year Sirkis passed away. In memory of him, Mayor Eduardo Paes decreed a new change of names, removing the mention of the architect. Several architecture and urban planning entities promptly opposed the decision. Due to the discomfort generated, Paes reevaluated changing his name. And, finally, he promoted the double tribute by decree.

Two Brothers (Dois Irmãos) Cliff Park

Considered an Environmental Conservation Unit, Penhasco Dois Irmãos Park comes from an old desire of the population to preserve the area and protect the region’s fauna and flora. Designed by landscaper Fernando Chacel, it was inaugurated in December 1992 at the same time that Brazil hosted the United Nations Conference, Eco-92.

The park was created through a decree that covered only municipal lots, without the need for land expropriation. The site has a wide variety of endangered plants, as well as orchids, bromeliads, water lilies and a rich fauna.

History of Dois Irmãos Park

Until the end of the 19th century, the entire park region was used for planting sugar cane. But long before that, the place was going through a deforestation process in order to promote areas for pastures and crops. It is known that these activities began between the 16th and 17th centuries.

The subdivision of Alto Leblon, as the place is known, took place between 1920 and 1930 with hillside areas belonging to the city itself. Finally, with the municipal decree published in 1992 it was possible to start the project, using areas belonging to the municipality without having to resort to land expropriation.

Alfredo Sirkis Park Leblon Rio de Janeiro

The creation of the park was intended to restore and preserve the environment.

Between 1994 and 1999, in partnership with the City of Rio de Janeiro, residents of the region carried out the “Joint Reforestation Project”. This initiative yielded good results. In total, an area of 15 hectares was reforested with more than 50 thousand native tree seedlings.

Location of Alfredo Sirkis Leblon Park

Furthermore, it is worth highlighting the quality of life of those who live around Alfredo Sirkis Park Leblon. After all, we are talking about Alto Leblon, one of the neighborhoods with the best Human Development Index (HDI) in all of Brazil.

The fact that it is a little more reserved compared to the rest of the region makes this place an excellent address to live. Despite not having a very large commercial concentration, it is still not isolated from the main points of convenience and services.

There are a series of surprising leisure attractions, as well as several establishments from different segments for those who want to enjoy Alto Leblon even more, such as:

  • Leblon Viewpoint;
  • diverse restaurant options (Zuka, Sushi Leblon, Venga, etc.);
  • a series of alternatives in bars and pubs (Boa Praça, Bar Leblon, Jobi, etc.).

Residential properties in Leblon are surprising, each with its own specific style and charm.

Viewpoints at Two Brothers Cliff Park / Alfredo Sirkis Park

In total, the park has four viewpoints overlooking the beaches of Leblon, Ipanema, Arpoador, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Christ the Redeemer and Dois Irmãos Cliff itself. At its base is the Seventh Heaven Viewpoint, which already existed before the park existed. It is close to the entrance and from there you can enjoy the entire Leblon coastline, Ipanema and a small part of Vidigal Beach.

This viewpoint has a monument in honor of the victims of the accident of Air France Flight 447, which was on the Rio–Paris route in 2009. The second viewpoint has a kind of amphitheater and is very popular with street art groups for presentations, meditation meetings and other activities.

At the third viewpoint are the bathrooms, the park headquarters, drinking fountains, soccer field, playground and outdoor gym. There is also a steel sculpture created by architect Oscar Niemeyer. From the fourth and final viewpoint it is possible to see Christ the Redeemer, the Lagoon, the Jockey Club and several points in the South Zone.

For those who enjoy hiking, it is possible to reach it via a short 1.5 km walk from this last viewpoint. The trail is called “Sky Window Trail”.

Openings at Alfredo Sirkis Park

In December 2020, the Municipal Department of the Environment inaugurated, in the park, the Bosque da Amizade and the Mirante Ana e Alfredo — also in honor of the writer, environmentalist, politician and journalist Alfredo Sirkis.

Sirkis’ ashes were deposited by his family in the crib where a pink jequitibá seedling was planted.

A plaque was placed at the site with the words: “In this place the ashes of environmentalist Alfredo Sirkis (1950–2020) are deposited. Sirkis was responsible for the reforestation of the slope of Dois Irmãos hill and for the creation and creation of the Park”.

Nature in Leblon

In addition to being a region with a rich bohemian life, Leblon also has great places to rest, relax and contemplate nature. In addition to Parque Alfredo Sirkis, the neighborhood has notable places, such as Mirante do Leblon and the beautiful Praia do Leblon.

Imagine living in a safe, beautiful, luxurious place, full of great shopping establishments, bars, restaurants and award-winning taverns, and yet surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes. Finally, this and much more is why Leblon is, in fact, such a beloved neighborhood!

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