A complete cultural center on the seafront, in Ipanema, that breathes art is the noblest definition for Laura Alvim Culture House (Casa de Cultura). Founded by Laura Alvim, Casa de Cultura aims to offer the best cultural programs in the city.

One would expect nothing less from a cultural center located in one of the most artistic neighborhoods in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Its large and modern infrastructure includes several rooms that provide a range of artistic activities.

Cinema halls, theaters, art galleries and museums are just some of the spaces most loved by their visitors. In addition to all this programming, the cultural center offers activities that offer classes focused on different types of art, such as theater, cinema and painting.

Its representation is historical and beautifully pays homage to its founder, remaining faithful to its initial ideal: a house of culture that serves as a stage for all art lovers.

Therefore, a visit to Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim becomes essential on the agenda of any Carioca who is looking for an authentic and passionate artistic experience.

History of the Laura Alvim Culture House

Laura Alvim’s House was donated to the State Government in 1983, six months before the owner’s death. Thus, the house was transformed into a Culture Center and opened on May 12, 1986, two years after Laura’s death.

Currently, the House belongs to FUNARJ, linked to the State Secretariat of Culture. The space strictly follows the initial proposal of its creator, serving as a stage for different artistic expressions.

In this way, the Casa de Cultura has become a great reference in the artistic world, bringing together culture lovers frequently in its large space. The space has cinema rooms, theaters, exhibition galleries and many other programs focused on the cultural agenda.

The House also offers theater classes, visual arts, workshops and other classes aimed at training young artists. Thus, those who have the same dream that Laura wanted, find essential support in her home to develop their art.

With several events per week, the cultural center continues to attract new visitors who help keep Brazilian art alive.

Who was Laura Alvim

Laura Alvim was a benefactor who fought for her dream of transforming her house, located in Ipanema, into a cultural center. Born in November 1902, Laura grew up in an environment full of cultural references, which led her to draw the first children’s cartoon about Rio de Janeiro for Tico-Tico magazine.

After her father’s death, Laura dedicated herself to transforming her home into a house of culture to honor him. However, the transformation also helped Laura achieve her own fulfillment, as she has always been passionate about theater, even though she never had the courage to follow her big dream of becoming an actress.

With the death of her parents, Laura ended up going through difficult financial times, but even so, she didn’t give up on her dream, even after receiving million-dollar offers for the house.

In 1983, Laura donated the house to the State so that it could serve the purpose she always dreamed of. However, the inauguration took place only two years after her death. Laura never married or had children, but her inspiring work and kindness opened doors for many people in need.

The story that Laura built will be immortalized on the walls of the Casa de Cultura and will serve as an inspiration for all young people who want to reach incredible heights, but who do not have the financial means to support their dreams.

The Casa de Cultura has become an essential place for Ipanema visitors who love art. In addition to the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, the Ipanema neighborhood has several other cultural points, which can be frequently visited by residents and visitors.

Spaces at Laura Alvim Culture House

The Laura Alvim Culture House has several spaces dedicated to the appreciation of the most varied arts. There are several spaces designed in an exceptional way, which followed Laura’s initial proposal of integrating all types of art.

Thus, at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, you will find the following activities:

  • Theater;
  • Movie theater;
  • Hall for events;
  • Art galleries;
  • Space for gastronomy;
  • And much more.

The space also has an exhibition gallery that mixes innovation with eccentricity. Through theater, cinema and arts classes in general, the House contributes to the academic training of young artists.

All rooms are designed to provide the best of culture for their visitors, with the aim of always varying their productions. And, to keep the memory of its founder alive, an exhibition room was built that will tell Laura’s story through her personal belongings.

The spaces provided by Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim constantly encourage Brazilian artists, living up to the initial proposal of its founder.

CineStar: Laura Alvim Station

Located in the Casa de Cultura, CineStar is an art cinema specializing in cult films and great classics. Therefore, its programming is a little different from that presented by conventional cinemas.

In 2013, Grupo Star began managing three cinemas on site, slightly smaller in size than conventional ones. In this way, the cinema wins over audiences who like a more reserved place, which maintains simplicity and elegance.

With a sophisticated and cozy infrastructure, CineStar makes its patrons feel extremely comfortable while waiting for the session to start. The place is great for enjoying the day with family or friends. After all, who doesn’t love a good classic film?

Laura Alvim Culture House Rio de Janeiro Ipanema

Its rooms are large and fulfill the “neighborhood cinema” proposal, perfectly meeting the demands of its patrons. The specifications of the CineStar Ipanema cinemas are:

  • Room 1: there is a very well distributed space with 53 seats, plus 1 space for PNE;
  • Room 2: has 29 seats, plus 1 space for PNE;
  • Room 3: well distributed with 41 seats and 1 space for PNE.

The rooms are ideal spaces for a family outing, couples or alone, without much fuss. And, as many of his films are outside the conventional curriculum, the loyal audience is those looking for a different cinematic experience.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office and rooms open thirty minutes in advance.

Laura Alvim Theater

The Laura Alvim Theater is a landmark venue that presents classic theater shows. The plays can span several seasons, depending on the theater production planning.

The theater environment is warm and welcoming, which makes anyone feel at home when entering the space. Some of the plays presented at Teatro Laura Alvim were:

  • Grande Sertão;
  • I stir in Egypt;
  • Forgive me for betraying me;
  • Speaking Frankly;
  • And much more.

The presentations are responsible for attracting a large audience, which seeks shows aimed at the cult segment. However, the Casa theater also has larger productions, aimed at the general public, which last for long seasons.

In total, the Casa de Cultura has two theater rooms, which present programs with varying times, depending on the show being shown. Its main room has an area of 225 m², with sophisticated seats covered in black leather.

The capacity is 190 people, with 186 seats and 4 spaces designed to serve people who use wheelchairs. And, for greater comfort and practicality for the actors, the space also has a large and organized dressing room, which allows the actors to easily enter and exit during the show.

Culture and luxury apartments in Ipanema

The Ipanema neighborhood is known for being a diverse cultural center, providing space for a range of artistic manifestations. One of its biggest highlights is the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, which has brought together artists from various places throughout its existence.

Address: Avenida Vieira Souto, 176, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.
Opening hours: Every day, from 1pm to 10pm.

In addition to the Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, the Ipanema neighborhood has other famous spaces that promote art, such as the Teatro Ipanema, the Teatro Candido Mendes, the Casa da Comédia Carioca and many others. Its infrastructure is broad and modern, and has fantastic architecture, which includes breathtaking streets, always surrounded by nature.

To accompany all the beauty of the neighborhood, Ipanema offers a wide variety of luxury residential properties, many with views of the wonderful Ipanema Beach. There are several sophisticated and elegant residential options, with different styles that suit the most diverse tastes. As it is an extremely luxurious place surrounded by culture, the Ipanema neighborhood continues to constantly attract new residents to its region.