For a tour to become an adventure, it needs to have emotion, resilience and give you a breathtaking view as a reward. Do you know how to live all this? Visiting Gavea Stone, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Find out how to visit one of the places with the most incredible views of the wonderful city

As if the exuberant nature of the wonderful city wasn’t enough, facing the trail of the largest stone block by the sea in the world can be surprising! Continue reading and discover what awaits you on this adventure.

Stories and curiosities about Pedra da Gávea RJ

Gavea Stone gets its name due to its shape similar to a crow’s nest, which is nothing more than an observation basket positioned at the highest point of a vessel.

Named this way in 1502 by Portuguese sailors, its shape also draws attention due to the rock sculpture, found in the stone, which closely resembles features of a human face. This characteristic makes Pedra da Gávea a place full of folklore and mythology.

How to get to Gavea Stone

As it is quite visited, the path that leads to the top of Gavea Stone seems simple for beginners, but keep in mind that some preparation is required before setting out on this adventure. The best time to visit is in the morning. Don’t leave home late, as the journey becomes much more complicated during times of strong sun.

Another essential precaution is to only take the basics with you. No backpacks loaded with items. Think that it will be difficult to face climbing sections carrying a heavy bag, so choose to take just some fruit, lots of water and protective and first aid equipment.

Gavea Stone Rio de Janeiro

Remember to warm up before going, as a good stretch can make all the difference when it comes to the climbs that will come along the way.

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The Gavea Stone trail

The complete journey usually takes, on average, three hours. But it all depends on the intensity that is carried out. If it seems too difficult, don’t worry, there is no shortage of trails in Rio de Janeiro with all possible levels of difficulty.

The traditional trail that leads to the top has the first “light” section, with a very level path and without major difficulties. After this stage, a route begins between roots and rocks, which leads to the steepest and most complicated part, called Carrasqueira.

If you want to escape Carrasqueira, the option is to follow a second alternative trail, known as Trilha Pico dos Quatro. However, that doesn’t mean it will be easier. In fact, the climbing sections and difficulty level will be greater in P4.

Rio de Janeiro seen from above

The view of the wonderful city from the top of Pedra da Gávea makes up for all the sweat on the trail. No wonder, the number of tourists willing to discover the nature that can be seen there is large, as it enchants anyone.

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