If you are a football lover or have an appreciation for the history of our country, you have certainly heard of the Brazilian National Team Museum, right? Place where we find souvenirs of achievements and important moments in the history of our team.

See more about the environment that carries part of the history of Brazilian football.

Still, many people are unaware of the history of this space and why it is so important. With that in mind, we’ve put together everything you need to know about before visiting Barra da Tijuca, a region that is still super pleasant and perfect for living.

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History of the Brazilian National Team Museum

Opened in 2014, the space was eagerly awaited by many. Offering an immersion experience in all these years of the Brazilian National Team. The main objective of this creation was to record this history, from the first games to the present day. So that every Brazilian could have the opportunity and see what happened in the past.

The CBF Museum has been permanently closed since 2020, but the information is that the place is undergoing renovations to open again soon, but without an official date. On the museum’s website, the website justified the closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Brazilian National Team Museum has innovative attractions when it comes to football exhibitions. Areas using technology and interactivity make the visitor experience even more special.

The museum housed recently unveiled statues of the wonderful women’s national team player, Marta, and coach Zagallo – the statues have not yet been visited by the public. Despite being closed, the museum promises to return with new features and more space for the women’s football team.

Furthermore, the visit is guided, so the professional will explain each point and space, ensuring that you understand the entire history that the place wants to convey.

There you will find trophies, uniforms, autographs, photos of idols and the team’s greatest achievements, as well as many other objects that contribute to telling the story of the football country.

It’s worth remembering that the tour appeals even to those who aren’t big football fans, but love a good story.

Visitation prices

To visit the museum, you must book entry in advance. The ticket price is R$20 and students and seniors pay half. To buy, simply access the website or get your ticket at the door of the establishment. The space is open every day, from 10am in the morning until 6pm at night.

How to get to the CBF Museum

The museum is located in one of the best-known neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca. Located at Avenida Luís Carlos Prestes, nº 130, in the same place where the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) is located.

The region is very cozy, quiet and safe. It makes its residents and visitors feel even more eager to get to know the environment.

Address: Avenida Luís Carlos Prestes, 130, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.
Opening Hours: Unfortunately, the museum has closed permanently.

And you, have you visited the Brazilian National Team Museum? What do you think about planning your next leisure trip to Barra da Tijuca? Enjoy and tell us your experience!

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