Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Leblon is located in the South Zone and has the most valued m² in the city, being considered the most upscale neighborhood in Rio. Real estate appreciation is intense in the region, which combines charm and tradition in a unique way and concentrates an excellent gastronomic hub, luxury brand stores, high quality services and incomparable natural beauty.

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Leblon is located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro and has some of the biggest and best luxury condominiums in the city. Considered the most valued and noblest neighborhood in the city, the value of a square meter in Leblon costs between R$22,000 and R$23,000, about three times more than the average price of other properties in the city. Among the real estate highlights in Leblon is the fact that the neighborhood houses the condominium with the most expensive property in Brazil, a house in Jardim Pernambuco that features an impressive floor plan with nine rooms, bathrooms with more than 40 square meters, a two-storey library and a helipad. The neighborhood is also home to Avenida Delfim Moreira, considered the most expensive address in Rio de Janeiro, whose square meter costs up to R$39,000.

How much does an apartment in Leblon cost?

On average, an apartment in Leblon has these high values ​​and impressive numbers due to all the structure it offers, making real estate appreciation intense in the region. Combining charm and tradition in a unique way and concentrating an excellent gastronomic hub, luxury brand stores, high quality services and incomparable natural beauties, Leblon is the most coveted neighborhood by families and people who want to live well and with a lot of quality of life. .

Why is an apartment in Leblon is expensive?

Leblon is expensive because the neighborhood concentrates the best shopping centers in the city, such as Shopping Leblon, Rio Design Leblon, which concentrates diversified services and stores of world-renowned brands. Its restaurant cluster is magnificent, varied and of high quality, and includes internationally awarded establishments recognized as the best by specialized critics. One of its most famous places, Rua Dias Ferreira, is recognized by law as the most important gastronomic stronghold in the city, and concentrates options of restaurants, bars, bistros, confectioneries and much more, pleasing all palates and being the best choices. for all times. The neighborhood really appeals to those who like luxury brands from the fashion world, as its malls and shopping centers house branches of stores such as Zara, Chanel, Lacoste, Hugo Boss and many others.

Properties with sea view in Leblon Rio for sale

The beaches and natural areas of Leblon are among the most beautiful in the city, attracting those who enjoy a beautiful natural landscape and seek contact with nature without giving up the comfort and sophistication of a complete and valued neighborhood. The edge of Praia do Leblon brings together gastronomic and leisure attractions, as well as areas suitable for the practice of sports such as walking, running, skateboarding and biking, in addition to water sports such as surfing and windsurfing. The squares and outdoor green areas are also very inviting for daily walks with pets, which are very welcome in the neighborhood and can count on the infrastructure of veterinary clinics and pet shops. Leblon also has options for theaters, cinemas, cultural centers and other options for leisure and entertainment of all ages, pleasing both those who enjoy a more hectic cultural life and those who prefer quieter tours and programs.

Properties in the neighborhood of Leblon for sale

The Leblon neighborhood concentrates some of the best shopping malls in the city, as well as a hub of magnificent, high-quality restaurants. One of its places, Rua Dias Ferreira, is recognized by law as the most important gastronomic stronghold in the city, and has options for all tastes and moments.

Is Leblon a good neighborhood to live?

The Leblon neighborhood is the most sought after in the wonderful city, where there is quality of life, sophistication and all this can be done on foot, taking advantage of the tree-lined streets of the region.

How do I buy a property in Leblon?

To buy a property in Leblon, just access the website of Invexo, a luxury real estate company in Rio de Janeiro that has luxury properties selected by an expert. Know more