Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana has as its biggest highlights the beach and the seafront boardwalk. Along the beach are statues of Clarice Lispector and Drummond. As it is a famous tourist destination, the neighborhood has a complete and neat structure, ideal for those who appreciate a breathtaking view and, therefore, Copacabana is called “The Little Princess of the Sea”. The neighborhood also has a diversified transport network, allowing easy access to neighboring neighborhoods.

Where cani buy an apartment in Copacabana Rio?

Copacabana is a dynamic and busy neighborhood, located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, which is also nicknamed “The Little Princess of the Sea” due to its extensive waterfront of more than 4.5 km, including Posto 1 at Praia do Leme . Along its promenade, it is possible to find statues of Clarice Lispector, Carlos Drummond, Princess Isabel and Ayrton Senna. As it is a famous tourist destination, the neighborhood has a complete and neat structure, concentrating part of environmental preservation areas such as Morro de São João, Chacrinha State Park, the Bairro Peixoto nature reserve and part of Morro dos Cabritos. The areas provide excellent options for outdoor exercise, such as trails, hikes and family outings, or simply enjoying the stunning landscapes of the region. Due to its extension taken up by parks and conservation areas, Copacabana offers quality of life, a characteristic that many take into account before establishing a home in a certain neighborhood. To find out about the sophisticated properties available in the region, stay tuned for advertisements from INVEXO, a real estate company specializing in luxury properties located in the upscale neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro.

How much is the square meter in Copacabana?

The value of a square meter in Copacabana starts at R$ 11,000, and can reach R$ 18,000 if the property is close to the main street in the neighborhood, Avenida Atlântica, facing the sea. The value places the neighborhood among the most expensive in Rio de Janeiro, taking into account all the attractions of its region and the mobility to other equally refined neighboring neighborhoods. Due to the high valuation of the neighborhood, respected real estate companies are interested in creating projects that integrate the urban beauty of Copacabana. The developments present in the neighborhood are extremely luxurious, boasting architecture that innovates and also values the region. The apartment and penthouse projects are designed to eternalize views of the most extraordinary tourist attractions in the neighborhood, in addition to having authentic design projects that take into account the high standard of the region.
Copacabana’s privileged location results in spectacular views of one of Rio’s most visited tourist attractions, Sugarloaf Mountain. In addition, Copacabana Beach is famous for the giant spectacle that attracts millions of people at the turn of each year, with the title of being among one of the biggest fireworks displays in the world. The neighborhood also has a diversified transport network, allowing easy access to neighboring neighborhoods such as Ipanema, Lagoa, Botafogo and Urca. In the complete infrastructure of the region, there is a varied gastronomic center composed of renowned restaurants and bars, shops and essential services, educational institutions of basic and higher education, with emphasis on the wide network of luxurious hotels located on the seafront. Living in Copacabana is choosing the balance between the tranquility of a neighborhood with great natural beauty and the continuous euphoria that takes over the region at specific times. The dynamics of Copacabana, therefore, is ideal for people who live in constant movement.

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The privileged location of Copacabana results in spectacular views of one of the most visited tourist attractions in Rio, the famous Sugarloaf Mountain. With part of its region taken over by parks and preservation areas, the neighborhood offers quality of life and excellent options for leisure.