The Smart Fit Copacabana gym is known for offering residents and visitors of the acclaimed Rio neighborhood the best service in the Brazilian fitness sector.

After all, Smart Fit has top-of-the-line equipment for regular training, modern and high-tech spaces, as well as various services designed to make life easier for its students and complement their training.

Seven units of the Smart Fit gym are located in the Copacabana neighborhood, which makes access even easier for residents of the region.

All units offer training for the specific needs of each student, from those who want to lose weight to those who want to gain muscle mass.

In addition to individual training, at Smart Fit Copacabana you also have a range of group classes, which, in addition to boosting your routine, encourage good coexistence between students.

Gym in Copacabana

Opened in 2009, Smart Fit was created with the purpose of democratizing access to high-standard physical activity, offering affordable plans and a simple experience. The concept stipulated for the gym incorporated the best and most modern equipment, architecture and decoration.

In this way, Smart Fit was recognized as a disruption that shook the market, divided between gyms aimed at the A class, with very high monthly fees, or neighborhood gyms, which are cheaper and more precarious.

Over the years, the gym expanded and became increasingly popular in the sector.

In 2019, the brand already had units in at least 11 countries. In 2020, Smart Fit put into practice an ambitious expansion plan: 238 new units in just one year and two students enrolled per minute.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the gym began serving its customers online, through the Train at Home platform, which soon reached 22 million users. This way, the gym is able to reach an even larger audience and provide its clients with different forms of training.

In total, there are seven Smart Fit units located in the Copacabana neighborhood, on strategic streets that perfectly cover the region’s public.

In addition to hosting several Smart Fit units, the Copacabana neighborhood also offers its residents a healthy and safe lifestyle by offering several leisure areas and renowned residential properties.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the Copacabana neighborhood could not be left out. If you are looking to live with sophistication in the Marvelous City, count on INVEXO, the real estate agency specializing in luxury properties in Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro.

Discover Smart Fit Copacabana

The Smart Fit units in Copacabana bring all the best that the gym has to offer to students in this renowned Rio neighborhood. After all, its mission is to democratize access to high-standard physical activity, which results in units structured to meet the needs of its customers.

Furthermore, the academy seeks to transform the complicated into simple, offering convenience and less bureaucracy, from online services to self-service in the units. There are several units in Copacabana that aim to offer the best possible service to their customers.

Smart Fit Copacabana Rio de Janeiro

This way, you can find at Smart Fit Copacabana a series of modern equipment, functional classes and a welcoming environment conducive to the evolution of your training.

Classes are interactive and are classified into collective and exclusive individual training, thus offering a range of options that can be mixed during your training according to each week’s proposal.

Traditional gym equipment brings quality and practicality to your routine. The Copacabana units have several devices ready to be used by their customers.

Franchise differences

Smart Fit units in Copacabana are known for offering their customers several different features, in addition to traditional forms of training.

It is no surprise that in 2017 Smart Fit won the Whow Innovation Award in the State of São Paulo. Among the main differences offered by Smart Fit Copacabana, the following stand out:

  • Gymnastics Classes;
  • Bioimpedance Scale;
  • Bicycle rack;
  • Smart SPA;
  • Among others.

In addition to these, the gym offers other exclusive services in the Smart category, such as:

  • Fit Coach: provides periodic video calls with a Smart Fit teacher who will understand your routine, answer your questions and prescribe personalized workouts for you;
  • Fit Nutri: annual bioimpedance package and online consultations with a nutritionist specialized in your goal, including four consultations, personalized eating plan, exclusive chat and 12 bioimpedance exams on Smart Fit;
  • Energy: provides savings, flavor and hydration in the right amount, through a kiosk that offers functional drinks for before or after your training.
Smart Fit Copacabana Rio de Janeiro

Furthermore, you can find very high-tech equipment, which provides the best performance and safety. The gym has two main areas: one with weight training equipment and free weights.

The other area has equipment aimed at practicing cardiovascular activities, with treadmills and ellipticals, as well as equipment for upper and lower limbs, and specific training for the abdominal and lower back regions.

The treadmill is one of the most common pieces of equipment found in gyms, loved by many, as well as being efficient when it comes to cardiovascular training, as, in addition to losing weight and providing caloric expenditure, it also works on physical and respiratory conditioning.


In addition to weight training equipment and treadmills, Smart Fit units in Copacabana offer a series of face-to-face classes aimed at the physical conditioning of their students. There are several options that can be included in each person’s training routine, according to the instructor’s instructions. Each class has a different agenda and varies according to the days of operation.

Among the main group classes offered by Smart Fit Copacabana, the following stand out:

  • Fitdance: ideal for those who like the dance style focused on the fitness universe, with classes taught by teachers licensed by FitDance;
  • Body Combat: consisting of classes inspired by Karate, Jiu-jitsu, Capoeira, Kung Fu and Taekwondo, thus working the entire body;
  • Stretching: a class focused on stretching, flexibility and joint mobility exercises, which relieves stress and body pain;
  • BodyBalance: inspired by Yoga, with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates, being a training with the function of improving not only the body, but also the mind;
  • Abdominals: an intense and efficient workout, focused on conditioning and strength of the abdominal, lumbar and paravertebral muscles, helping with definition;
  • Smart Fight: a fun and different workout that mixes martial arts with functional, ideal for those who want to add variety to their training;
  • Zumba: classes focused on this sought-after dance style carried out by licensed teachers.

In addition to group classes, Smart Fit Copacabana offers exclusive workouts that boost your routine even more, such as:

  • SmartShape;
  • SmartCross;
  • Smart HIIT;
  • Smart Strong.

This way, the gym ensures that its customers get the most out of each of its classes in the way they want.

Address of Smart Fit Copacabana units

The Smart Fit units in Copacabana are positioned in strategic locations so that the majority of residents in the neighborhood can enjoy the gym close to them.

Addresses: Smart Fit units are located on the following streets in Copacabana:

  • Rua Barata Ribeiro, 502;
  • Avenida Nossa Senhora Copacabana, 690;
  • Rua Tonelero, 51;
  • Avenida Nossa Senhora Copacabana, 749;
  • Rua Pompeu Loureiro, 35;
  • Avenida Nossa Senhora Copacabana, 928;
  • Rua Francisco Sá, 41.

Opening hours: All Smart Fit units in Copacabana are open from Monday to Friday, from 6am to 11pm, on Saturdays, from 8am to 5pm, and on Sundays, from 8am to 2pm. Each unit has different services and amenities, however, always at the Smart Fit standard of quality.

Quality of life in Copacabana

The Copacabana neighborhood is known as one of the best places to live, thanks to its green areas, tourist attractions and renowned establishments. Come to live in Copacabana! Therefore, the Copacabana neighborhood is the ideal place for those who enjoy a healthy and fitness lifestyle. The area has several renowned gyms and restaurants that offer a variety of natural food dishes.

The neighborhood is also known for having a large gastronomic hub that offers its customers numerous menus focused on the most diverse culinary styles. Its residents can also count on several excellent quality educational institutions and renowned hospitals.

Its location is easily accessible for both those who use public transport and those who choose to use private transport. Therefore, it is common to find several bus stops, subway stations and parking lots located in various locations in the neighborhood.

Thus, the neighborhood ensures that its residents and visitors are always well supported and lead a peaceful and healthy life. Furthermore, Copacabana is a great reference in the real estate sector, mainly because it has a range of luxury residential properties ready to move into.

Copacabana, located in Rio’s South Zone, is one of the best and most upscale neighborhoods to live in Rio de Janeiro. Discover luxury properties in Copacabana today with INVEXO, a real estate agency specializing in luxury properties in Rio de Janeiro.