Anyone who knows Rio de Janeiro knows very well the importance of the bar in the city’s history. In this sense, the traditional Belmonte Leblon stands out, one of the most popular meeting points in the South Zone.

The establishment is part of the Belmonte chain, which today has eight units spread across the city and is a huge hit among locals and tourists. In this article we will show you the menu, services and relevance of this cultural heritage of the Marvelous City located in Leblon.

Belmonte is part of a large chain of restaurants and bars in Rio, which is successful for its open pies and draft beer. The atmosphere is relaxed and relaxed, with simple decor and years of history. The place is practically a heritage of the Marvelous City.

The Belmonte chain was chosen in the category of best bar in the city in Veja Rio Comer & Beber 2021. The Leblon unit is certainly the hottest of all, and brings movement to the bohemian nightlife scene on Rio’s waterfront. Furthermore, the first-born unit in the Flamengo neighborhood was crowned as a Rio cultural heritage site in 2023.

The bar also stands out when it comes to encouraging culture, as it is also involved in supporting the Brazilian Cinema Grand Prix 2023 Edition. Another highlight of the chain is that the unit in Ipanema has a beautiful rooftop overlooking Ipanema Beach and Morro Dois Irmãos. This unit is next door to Leblon, and is just 3 km away.

Botequim Belmonte, the most famous in Rio

The history of Belmonte begins with the Praia do Flamengo unit, in 1952. It was there that workers and residents of the region used to meet after work or an afternoon at the beach to drink draft beer and eat snacks. In 2002, the bar was sold to Antônio Rodrigues, from Ceará, a former waiter and at the time owner of Carlito’s, another well-known bar located in front of Teatro Rival in Cinelândia.

Since then, Belmonte has been transformed into one of Rio’s most traditional happy-hour spots, as well as a gastronomic and bohemian reference in Rio de Janeiro. The chain’s bars often feature artists who make up the samba circles that accompany the beer-fueled nights in Rio.

The beautiful article by Marcella Sobral, which appeared in the newspaper O Globo Rio de Janeiro, reveals a little about the history of the owner, Antônio Rodrigues from Ceará, who renovated the ill-treated building and gave new air to what became one of the most famous points of the city.

See an excerpt from the article:

At the inauguration of each new unit, the name on the facade is accompanied by the words “since 1952”, the year of birth of the head office in Flamengo. It is this marketing of nostalgia that he has been seeking when investing in new ventures: his most recent acquisitions were traditional Rio houses, such as Nova Capela, in Lapa (since 1903), Bar Amarelinho, in Cinelândia (since 1921), and the Cervantes, in Copacabana (since 1955).

Marcella Sobral in Jornal O Globo

This is the starting point for the transformation of a traditional bar into one of the most successful businesses in the bar market in Rio de Janeiro, the Belmonte chain. Since then, the enterprise has only grown, as has its status as a symbol of Rio’s bohemia.

And today, Belmonte bars – or restaurants, as they usually call their units – are located in the neighborhoods of Leblon, Leme, Jardim Botânico, Belmonte Ipanema, Copacabana, Flamengo, Lapa. Furthermore, the bar chain expanded its units to São Paulo, with a franchise in Vila Madalena.

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Discover Boteco Belmonte Leblon

Good food, good service and a pleasant atmosphere form the perfect description for the Rio classic that is becoming more popular every day for those looking for calm and safe fun amid the hustle and bustle of the Marvelous City.

One of the trendiest units in the chain, Belmonte Leblon is one of the neighborhood’s most prominent “pé-limpo” style bars. Passing by, it is usual to find the room very busy with local residents, tourists from all over the world and people also in front of the establishment enjoying happy hour.

A complete Rio bar, with a varied menu and famous nostalgic dishes, good food and a great atmosphere. It is worth checking.


The atmosphere at Belmonte is informal. This was a receptive way for the owner to make all his customers feel comfortable in the place, chatting, having a cold beer and “nibbling” on some delicious snacks.

The most common thing is to see the public drinking the classic cold draft beer and eating the famous shrimp, chicken or dried meat pies, considered a local delicacy. Ultimately, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the establishment represents the best of Rio de Janeiro: cosmopolitan, happy and relaxed.

Belmonte is an obligatory stop and a famous point in Rio de Janeiro. It’s impossible to resist the delicious snacks, cold beer and the great energy of its regulars. If you go to Rio, don’t miss it.

Belmonte Leblon menu

In addition to the aforementioned pies, when it comes to bar food, Belmonte Leblon has one of the best menus in the city. If the option is a complete meal, it is possible to choose individual dishes or for two people, such as the delicious house-made feijoada, shrimp moqueca, banana moqueca, grilled octopus and the traditional Oswaldo Aranha steak.

Its flagship product is snacks, especially the famous open pie, in different flavors. One of the biggest attractions of the place is the always cold draft beer. Furthermore, Belmonte Leblon’s service is highly praised by locals and tourists who frequent the place. Check out some of the other options on the Belmonte Leblon food menu:

  • Ham with tropeiro beans and Portuguese potatoes;
  • Chopped meat;
  • Shrimp risotto, dried meat with grilled banana or sun-dried tomatoes;
  • Belmonte Salad;
  • fillet stroganoff;
  • Tilapia with broccoli rice;
  • Grilled trout with moqueca rice;
  • Picanha à Oswaldo Aranha;
  • Shrimp with catupiry;
  • Piedmontese medallion.

The menu at Belmonte Leblon is quite extensive and has very complete options. The ingredients are selected with the best to create dishes that satisfy all customers. You can choose between different dishes.

  • Pizzas: Pepperoni, Chicken with catupiry, Margherita, Mozzarella, Neapolitan, Portuguese;
  • Pastries: Shrimp with catupiry, Dry meat with catupiry, Shrimp, Picanha, Minas cheese;
  • Dumplings: Aipim with shrimp and catupiry, Aipim with dried meat and catupiry, Cod, Feijoada;
  • Sandwiches: Roast beef, Filet mignon, Sliced ham;
  • Accompaniments: Fried cassava, Portuguese potatoes, Egg farofa, French garnish.

In the drinks section, Belmonte Leblon has soft drinks and beers from various national and international brands. In addition, there are also drinks such as gin and tonic, sangria, clericot and also the famous caipirinhas and caipivodkas with lemon, seriguela, passion fruit or strawberry. The menu, which is the same in all units, also offers an exclusive selection of signature drinks.

Differentiators of Belmonte Leblon

The Belmonte chain is known for its excellent service, and in this regard the Leblon unit is not left behind. In publications specializing in gastronomy and leisure routes, the bar accumulates great reviews and praise from customers. We highlight the main facilities at Belmonte Leblon:

  • Food for the trip;
  • Make reservations;
  • Outdoor tables;
  • Television;
  • Access for wheelchair users;
  • Full bar;
  • WiFi;
  • Do you accept credit card;
  • Table service.
Belmonte Leblon Rio de Janeiro

It is worth noting that Belmonte Leblon also makes its entire menu available online. It is possible to place orders and customize combos through the chain’s website, by phone or through delivery apps. The total capacity of the establishment is 200 people. To make a reservation at Belmonte Leblon or for more information, contact them by phone.

Living in Leblon

If you like a variety of leisure options and services, living close to the beach and don’t give up on sophistication, Leblon could be the perfect place in Rio de Janeiro. Belmonte Leblon is in the heart of the neighborhood, five blocks from the beach, between Posto 11 and 12.

Address: Rua Dias Ferreira, 521, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.
Opening hours: Every day, from 11am to 2am.

Leblon is one of the most coveted neighborhoods among Rio residents and one of the most famous in Brazil. It has one of the best Human Development Indexes (HDI) in the city, being accompanied by its neighbors Gávea, Ipanema and Copacabana.

Surrounded by bars, restaurants and important shops, the glamorous atmosphere is indeed a reality. Leblon is the setting for countless soap operas, films, books and songs, and is therefore rooted in the Brazilian imagination. Furthermore, the neighborhood is the home of choice for many celebrities. That’s why it’s quite common to find celebrities walking through the region’s busy streets.